Glasses Fog

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Friday!

Last night, I had a… remarkable… experience. In fact, I am remarking upon it.

So a friend and I were going to WalMart. And where I am right now, it’s very muggy outside. And so, my friend was very nice, and put the air conditioning up to full blast in the car. It was delightful- by the time we got to the WalMart, I was feeling almost cool!

What I hadn’t considered in this circumstance, however, was my glasses. My glasses also got cool in the car. Therefore, when I stepped outside, they instantly fogged up. It was as though my lenses were made of frosted glass. Seriously. When my friend turned around after looking for something in the back of her car, I couldn’t tell. It was actually rather funny.

It took my glasses a few minutes to de-fog. Seriously. It also took a bit of the air conditioning in WalMart to completely revert my glasses.

So that’s my fluff experience of the week. What about you?

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