Happy Halloween! (Hauntings of the Past…)

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Greetings, readers!

In honor of today being Halloween, I am going to let some of the past come back to haunt us.

To start with, this YouTube video I am sure you were hoping to never see again….

…And The Webmaster’s subsequent analysis of why it might offensive.

In addition to that, the Webmaster posted some, ah, remarkable explanations about September. This post included the trailer for the Great Pumpkin horror movie that, alas, did not actually come out.

Additionally, she had a rather bizarre concern about what happened to the Great Pumpkin a few months later.

For additional spooky levels, her conspiracy about rainbows is also rather terrifying.

Ha! You admit that rainbows are evil!

That is not what I said.

Thinking about it, most of The Webmaster’s explanations are a bit frightening.

As are many of her “food” choices.

I will definitely grant you the food one… The “fluff” at the end of that post was absolutely terrifying.

And since today is also a Friday…

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