Happy Last Day of 2013!

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy December 31!

And December 31 is important because…?

It’s important because it marks the last day in the calendar year for us.

Ah. You mean you’re celebrating a last phase made arbitrarily discrete, in what would otherwise be a continuous function?


Never mind.

If you insist.

But as I was saying. It’s the last day of 2013. A lot has happened this year, hasn’t it?

Such as…?

Well, I did first meet you and start this blog this year.

Oh, right. I forgot you’ve been annoying me that briefly.

Yeah, whatever.

So, I started this blog. I met you, Fluffy. I also started to learn how to spin, read some wonderful books, started painting banners, made a clay hippocampus (the mythological animal type), met Pip & Squeak (who is still missing *sadface*) and did so much more. I’m actually sad this year is practically over!

But, I’m looking forward to what next year will bring. I’m not entirely sure what it will bring, since there are definitely a few things up in the air for me right now, but I’m sure it will be good.

I’m especially looking forward to seeing what sort of Fluff I’ll be able to mention on this blog. After all, as life goes on, it’s going to bring more fluff and nonsense. That’s almost as guaranteed as death and taxes, don’t you agree?

Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of the year! See you (sort of) in 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (almost.)

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