Happy Thanksgiving!

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Greetings, readers!

It is America’s Thanksgiving today. And since this website is located in America, we are celebrating Thanksgiving.

So what are you doing online? Go spend time with your family! Or call a friend!

And if none of those options work for you, here are some options for how to have a fun single’s Thanksgiving:

Darths and Droids. Start from the beginning. I can practically guarantee that it will take up your Thanksgiving time.

Read a book. Re-visit an old friend in the form of a book.

Watch a favorite movie. Or watch a new movie. Or a TV show. For what it is worth, Agents of Shield, Season 1, is now available on Netflix.

Certainly, make some tasty food, and enjoy it.

Above all, find something you are truly thankful for, and take advantage of that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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