Highlights of Facebook’s Pirate Language

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Hello, Fluffsters!

I know that this post is a bit late in coming, but better late than never, right?

Anyways. A bit less than a week ago was National Talk Like a Pirate Day for the USA. That’s always fun. In honor of that, I changed my Facebook language to “English: Pirate”, and I love it. So, here are:

Reasons to change your Facebook language to Pirate

1) Poke Wars. You no longer poke people. Instead, you “swashbuckle”, or “return fire.” Also, the people who poke you “stab & skewered ye!”

2) The name of the site. No longer is it facebook. No. It’s “Ye olde Facebook.”

3) Units of time. No unit of time stays the same. Seconds are “grains ‘o sand”,  minutes turn into “Shots ‘o rum ago.” Hours are “turns ‘o yer hourglass”, Yesterday = “before last sunset”. After that, they piratify the months. (Septembarr, Arrrgust, Jul-aye…) It’s cute.

4) Personal info and media. Your timeline is your captain’s log. Your profile picture? That’s your “Jolly Roger.” You can update your portraits, videos (on the home page) are “bewitched portraits”, and your friends are “me hearties.” Statuses also are “update your plunderin'”.

5) Events. Events are “Grog Fests.” This would probably be very inappropriate if you are doing something like inviting someone to a memorial service. Except for that, though, it’s quite amusing.

6) Communications. Messages are “Bottle[s] o’ messages.” Any status that you update from your phone, also, is from your “pocket parrot.” Great, isn’t it?

Aren’t those great little updates? Fairly straightforward, and so much fun! I didn’t even list all of them. I highly recommend changing your language. At least for a bit. (You can find it under settings [which is the little gear thingy up in the upper right hand corner] and going to account settings. There you’ll see an option to change your language. That’s where you select your language.)

Well, happy Tuesday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Note: If this is your first time to TotalFluff, please visit this brief explanation. Thanks!

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