How Negative Time Works

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

I don’t know about you, but I’m living on Negative Time recently.

I am not entirely sure which part of that sentence is worse: Your grammar, the term “Negative Time”, or the capitalization of “Negative Time”.

…I can understand being confused by terminology, but what’s your problem with my grammar?

Webmaster, you mixed present and past tenses. That is problematic. And annoying to read.

Huh. I guess I did. Oh well.

The Negative Time itself should be what concerns you, actually.

Basically, it means that I’ve got more to do than I’ve got time to do, so I’m already needing to choose what necessary/important things I’m not going to do, and therefore ending up procrastinating and not doing (basically) any of it.

Compared to that, neither my grammar nor the terminology should be worrisome.

(And besides, the Capitalization of Negative Time could probably be lumped in with the grammar.)


Have a lovely Thursday!

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