Hug Cancellation Considerations

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Hello, Fluffsters!

I had a thought yesterday. I’m a bit confused by it.

So, you know how people often ask friends to do something for yet another person “for me”? Like, suppose you ask your friend Beth to “Tell Liz ‘hi’ for me?” That kinda puts your friend Beth into the “you” role. (Liz receives a hug from you.)

Well that got me thinking.

Oh dear. This sounds like lit will get a bit distressing.

Quite possibly.

You see, what happens if you were to also tell Liz to give Beth a hug for you, and they gave their hugs at the same time? Would the net effect be that you’re hugging yourself?

I stand by what I said. Distressing.

Thank you, Fluffy!

Anyhow. On that note, I’ll wish you a happy Saturday.

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