Inspiration comes from weird places

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Hiya, fluffsters!

So. Inspiration for Fluff and such comes from some really weird places sometimes. For example, while I was home last night, I noticed something slightly different about an everyday object, and this story just… happened.


“You seriously expect me to believe these tissues are made from fairy dust?”

“No,” the young-looking woman replied, “I don’t. But it’s true.”

The shopkeeper glared. “Fairy dust. Fairies don’t exist. And even if they did, why in the five blazes would they be dusty, and using the dust to make tissues?

“Well,” the lady stared up at the ceiling, “you don’t really want to know what fairy dust is.” She looked back at the man. “But it does have healing properties. The fairy involved in this wants to be a healer, and to help. And she thought the easiest way would be with tissues.”

The man did not look convinced.

“Ok, sir, just try one.” She shoved a (clean) tissue into the man’s hand.

“It is quite soft,” he said as he pulled it towards his face. “And sparkly.” His tone had regained its exasperated tone.

The young woman looked smug. “As I said, they’re made from fairy dust.”

“I’m still not buying that. And neither would the customers.” He kept holding the tissue. “This is a high quality product, though… Despite the unbelievable source you claim for them.”

He scratched his beard thoughtfully for a few moments. “Huh. I think… Miss, what did you say your name was?”

“Autumn, Sir,” the girl replied. “Autumn Wind.”

“I… see. Well, Miss Wind,” the shopkeeper continued, “I think I may have a solution.”


“Yes. You see, my customers won’t likely buy something advertised as fairy-dust. If we were to sell them as lotion-tissues, however, and consider your ‘fairy-dust’ to be lotion, I could probably sell them. Quite easily.”

Autumn sighed. “I guess that could work.”

“Good,” the shopkeeper replied. “Now, let’s discuss pricing and deliveries of our new Lotioned Tissues…”

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