Late Night Discoveries: Fish is an Adjective

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Did you know that lack of sleep makes life… fun?

Well, it does. So many things just POP OUT at you that you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Huh. I think I really don’t want to know where this is going.

Probably fairly accurate.

For example, here’s an example of a late night discovery.

Fish is an Adjective.

I think I’m going to leave before you make my brain hurt.

…suit yourself. But all I’m going to do is explain why the word “fish” is an adjective.


Some folks…

Ah well. So, think about the word for a moment. Fish. (Interesting sound, isn’t it? It has a vowel/consonant ratio of 1:3. And it sounds weird!)

Now think about another word. Owl, for example.

Now think about the word Owlish. That’s an official word- my unedited spellchecker says so! It may not accept my name, but owlish is definitely a word. But I’m getting away from the main topic here, aren’t I?

Owlish is a word. More to the point, it’s an adjective, because it ends in the word “ish.”

Similarly,  the words trueish, blueish, and amateurish are all adjectives. They start off as nouns, and then you add the word “ish” to them to make them adjectives.

Therefore, fish must be an adjective- it ends with “ish.”

It even makes sense. The word describes a particular concept, and it sounds a bit like what the creature does. Can’t you hear the splash with the “sh” sound? Add the “f” sound right before, and it really sounds like it’s describing something splashish!

This was just one realization I came to last night, after way too little sleep, too much caffeine, and too much sugar. Isn’t life more interesting like this?

Happy Wednesday!

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