What to do when Missing Friends (Part 1)

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Hi, fluffsters!

As some of you know, I’m in time of transition in my life. One of the biggest transitions is that a number of my friends are in a very different place from me. (VERY different. For instance, they’re going to get LOTS of snow and rain. I’m not. I’m jealous…)

Anywho. So, I miss my friends not infrequently. And it’s really hard. But I’ve found some ways of dealing with that. This part will focus on ways of getting in touch with your friends.

1) Write letters to your friends. This works primarily if you know their address. One of the advantages of letters is that you don’t know if your friends have even received the letter, so if you haven’t heard from them for a while in response to your letter, it’s possible that one or the other of the letters got lost in the mail. It’s also really fun and exciting to get a letter in the mail- wouldn’t you want your friend(s) to get a surprise note?

2) Call/skype/real-time-contact them. Advantages: You (might) talk with the friend you’re missing, in real time. That’s a major plus. Disadvantages: You can’t always do that, especially if there are timezones involved and you especially miss your friends at a time when they’re not awake. Also, there’s the risk that they wouldn’t actually want to talk with you, and then things get awkward. (Missed calls. Bleh.)

3) Email them. This has the advantage of being faster, and less expensive, than letter writing. It does not, however, have the built in excuse of “they just didn’t get my note/email/whatever” if they your friend doesn’t reply. But it does have archive abilities, which letter writing does not (unless you take pictures of or photocopy everything you send.)

So there you go! Three ways of contacting friends. I hope that helps!

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