Movie Review: Tangled

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Ok, before I start commenting on my issues, I do want to give a full disclaimer: It’s a while since I’ve seen Tangled. I just did some artsy stuff dealing with Rapunzel, which reminded me of some of my issues with the movie, and so inspired this fluff post. Yeah. So, here ‘goes.

Movie Review: Disney’s Tangled

I enjoyed the movie. It had its good points. It also has its less phenomenal points, and I really don’t think it deserved the glowing praise all my friends gave it when it first came out in theaters. But it was a fun movie.


As usual with Disney movies, the “Furry Critter” stole the show. (The best characters were definitely the Animal Companions. Especially the horse.) The horse added great personality to the show, especially with his combination of horselike and unhorselike behaviors. I mean, really. You have a character that goes around hitting things/people with frying pans, and is addicted to apples. He’s extremely expressive, too, which just makes things better.

Flynn Rider is also a compelling character. He’s got a sense of humor, and clear motivation. All in all, he’s one of the better “princes charming” Disney’s come up with. (I’m looking at you, Charming from Disney’s Cinderella. You fall madly in love with a girl because she’s pretty?)

Rapunzel herself is a nice enough sort. Disney played off her innocence fairly well, especially towards the beginning. They also did a great job of showing her conflicting emotions about finally doing what she wants, and yet also knowing that she’s breaking every rule her “mother” gave her.

Mother Gothel is probably one of the weaker characters. Yes, she’s a selfish old meanie who takes advantage of an innocent for her own personal gain. But compared to other Disney villains? She’s actually quite tame. Especially towards the beginning. Ok, so she abducts the princess of the realm. She doesn’t have any sort of political motivation behind it, though. She just wants to live forever. I guess this puts her almost on the level of the Evil Stepmother from Cinderella. Even that Stepmother, though, was extremely unkind to Cinderella, in part for the purpose of political motivation.

So, just to clarify… You’re defending a villain as being “not that bad” because she just abducted the princess of the realm and held her against her will?

Hmm. So it would appear. I may need to get back to you on that.

Moving on.

Things I liked about the story

1) I really liked the “I have a dream” song. That was fantastic. And all of them achieving their dreams afterwords. I especially liked the Mime.

2) It was also a very cute story all in all.

3) Frying pans. Who knew, right? That was a clever touch.

4) The animal companions. As mentioned before, they stole the show.

5) It was clever how they showed Mother Gothel only loved the hair. If you look back at the movie, you’ll see that whenever Mother Gothel is “affectionate” (Rather, saying “I love you”) toward Rapunzel, she’s actually being affectionate towards Rapunzel’s hair. Go back. Rewatch if you must. It’s there, and it’s cool.

Things that could use some work / unanswered questions from Tangled

1) How long is Rapunzel’s hair, anyways? It seems to be of a flexible length. First it wraps around her tower and goes all the way to the ground and takes forever to brush her hair. Then she’s able to carry it around with her as she’s traveling. And she puts it into a braid that, while ridiculously long, isn’t ridiculously long enough. On that matter…

2) How is she not more muscular? Let’s face it. Hair ways a lot. Her poor neck!

3) Why does her hair lose its magic when cut? And how does it not when she brushes her hair? Judging from my own hair, and how much of it comes out whenever I brush/wash my hair, it’s a wonder Rapunzel made it to her 6th birthday with magical hair left, much left her 18th. Also, why can’t her hair’s magic restore her strand of formerly magic hair to its full glory?

But enough about hair. Mostly.

4) Why did Mother Gothel tell her when her birthday was? I mean, seriously. That’s sort of ridiculous. Especially since Gothel doesn’t even remember that it happens every year. And how did Rapunzel even learn about birthdays? She’s never seen anyone except Mother Gothel. How would she know about birthdays?

5) Social conventions in general. How on earth does Rapunzel know? I’m guessing it’s the innate Disney Princess-ness coming through. But even so, it’s silly. She shouldn’t be nearly as capable out in the real world, or have any sort of understanding about life in the real world as she does. Even Jasmine from Aladdin has a harder time adjusting to life outside her palace than Rapunzel did to adjusting to real life. It should definitely be the other way around.

Concluding Thoughs

So, all said and done, I did enjoy Tangled. I thought it was well done, and it was nice having Disney characters singing again. There are definitely some unanswered questions that are problematic though. At least from my perspective.

What about you Fluffsters? What are your thoughts on Tangled?

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