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Greetings, readers!

My apologies for posting yet another YouTube Video to this blog, now making it five times in a row that the post has been a video, but I found this to be very impressive.

It is a new music video that is making the rounds on the internet

Although I am not particularly taken with the music itself, the video performance aspect of it is incredible. There are many performers, and they all seem to be synchronized.

Furthermore, I appreciate the “digital” effect the designers were able to achieve with the umbrellas. That is quite cool.

I also admit to being intrigued by the devices the four main performers were moving on. What is that device? How does it work? Is it as much fun as it appears?

However, I do not understand how the music video itself ties to the choreography. When the four colors came in at the end, it looked almost like a Windows Logo, but the colors were out of order. (And besides, tying the Windows Logo to a song where the lyrics are “I won’t let you down” ad nauseum seems a little… wrong. Unless they were trying to be ironic.)

I suppose that at a meta-level, it is impressive that everybody got the choreography correct. Maybe they were singing to each other about not letting each other down on this take?

Outside the meta-analysis, though, I really do not understand the link. It seems to me that any song with a very strong beat would have “worked” (from a choreography mapping perspective), and some might have worked better. If there were lyrics about twisting through the elements of time, for example, that would have flowed nicely with the music video’s choreography. Or some sort of reference to time and rhythm. As it stands, however, I do not think the song did the technology and synchronization justice.

What are your thoughts, readers?

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