Orange Fluffy Things

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Wednesday!

Today, I’m talking about orange things that are fluffy. Pretty specific, I know, but it’s what I could think of to do a post on.

Orange Fluffy Things

5) Mandarin Oranges. Especially when they come out of a can. They’re so sugary, there’s little content to them at all. Hence, they are fluff.

4) “Facts” about mandarin oranges being legitimate oranges. No, they’re not. They’re a completely different type of fruit- don’t try to say otherwise! That’s just fluff.

3) Orange Dimensional Pens. The dimensional stuff they use often feels fluffy. Sort of like foam. That leads us to the next one:

2) Orange foam. It’s useful for crafts. I could especially see using orange foam for Halloween crafts, can’t you?

1) Orange fluff. This can be ether dyed fiber, a particular type of dessert, or a fleecy fabric. It doesn’t really matter- you can’t beat fluff for being fluffy.

There you go, Fluffsters! Happy Wednesday!

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