Perfect Night Time

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Thursday!

Last night was perfect. Not so much the activities, since I was feeling grumpy for a large part of it, but after I finished an activity, I walked outside, and it was amazing.


Ok, how so?

Well, for one the sky was absolutely clear. There were no clouds, minimal dust as far as I could tell, nothing. (Except for light pollution. But you can’t have everything in life.)

And actually, part of the light pollution was part of the perfectness itself. The moon was so bright it outshone some of the lamps! It was stunning.

The stars were out, too, as usual. But this time I could actually see them! Yes, there was light pollution. But it was low enough that I could mostly blot it out by lifting a hand.

The weather was also perfect. It was just above freezing- crisp, cold enough to keep a lot of the less crazy people inside (and therefore keep things quiet), and all in all wonderful. I spent about a half-hour outside just staring at the sky. During that time, I not only saw a flock of migrating geese (at night! SO COOL!) but I also saw TWO shooting stars. One of them was really bright, and lasted for probably three times as long as most of the others I’ve seen in my life! Did I mention it was really bright, too?

Finally, I managed to get this picture:

trees & lamps reflecting in a streamlet

Creeky reflections. As in, reflections in a creek.

I love reflections. I love night time. I love the interplay of light and dark. And I have decided I really like my phone.

That seems fairly non sequitus…

Oh. Right. You see, I got that picture just with my phone. No tripod, no flash, no fancy devices. Just handheld technology.


Nice picture.

Really? Thanks!

Well, have a great day, Fluffsters! I hope you have as amazing a day as I did a night.

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