Scary Things / Halloween Decorations 1: Hairspray

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Greetings, Fluffsters! I’m back! And you have no idea how glad I am to be. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write even the minimal HTML I use in these posts on a cellphone? Well, it’s difficult. Let me tell you that.

But that’s not actually the purpose of today’s post. No. You see, Halloween is coming up in a few days, and I’m deciding to jump on the bandwagon that I’m sure is out there, and make my posts roughly relate to the mood.

In other words, I’m going to be trying to write a series on scary things. And since Halloween decorations are usually scary things, I guess this means I’m also writing about the creepiest Halloween decorations of all time this week! Or just scary things, if it’s intangible. You know.

Things you eat could fill out the series quite adequately…

Hey, I already suffered through that Lemon Dessert for the sake of this blog. I’m not going to do that more than necessary.

Besides. I already have a topic in mind:


This stuff is really weird. And this comes from someone who uses it fairly often. I still think it’s scary for several reasons.

Like the fact that people use it?

Funny. No, that’s not exactly one of the reasons.

1) Its flammable warnings. It’s very plain on the bottles that it’s flammable. So why are there warnings? Have you ever considered that?

2) It’s like superglue. But for hair. The “crunch” it leaves in hair is quite bizarre. How does it do that?

3) Using it around eyes/eye-wear is nerve-wracking. You need to make sure that your contact lenses or glasses are far away from the spray, or it could cause problems. You also need to make sure to cover your eyes if you’re going to use hairspray, or it could hurt. That’s a bit scary!

4) How does it get ink out? Because it does. You can use heavy duty hairspray to get ink stains out of at least clothing. Sometimes it even works on skin.

There you go, fluffsters! Four reasons why hairspray qualifies as a halloween decoration. I hope you enjoyed. Have a great week!

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