Scary Things / Halloween Decorations 3: Cheerful Greetings

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Greetings, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC week so far!

…Oh, no. Please, tell me you didn’t take my comment yesterday about peppy greetings seriously.

Actually, today’s post is, in fact, about the next of scary things in this series:

Overly Cheerful Morning Greetings

Here are several reasons why:

1) There are few people scarier than morning people. I’m looking at you, miss “I wake up at 5:00 every morning so that I can run 20 miles, clean my room, study Descartes, solve Nuclear Physics, and do my hair / nails / makeup perfectly before breakfast” person! You’re too insane. And cheerful mornings are a way of coming across as someone who does that.

2) It’s in the Bible.

Proverbs 27:14: Whoever blesses his neighbor with a loud voice,
rising early in the morning,
will be counted as cursing.

So, yes. It’s biblical that too-early morning greetings are scary.

…ok. I might grant you those. How do you decorate with a Cheerful Greeting, though?

There are several ways I can think of right now, actually.

Halloween Stuff to Do with Cheerful Greetings

1) Intersperse Hallmark greeting cards with your other decorations. The cognitive dissonance will be a bit much for any visitors.

2) Print out overly cheerful spooks / monsters / etc., and give them speech bubbles of cheerfulness. A scary monster… who’s cheerful? Odd. And freaky. Think about it. Even in books where monsters are friendly (*coughtwilightcough*) the creatures are gothic. They’re not bright, bubbly, OMG HI YOU’RE HERE LETS PLAY!!1!!1 types. Which is a bit odd, really, since that would be more of an indication of psychopathy in the monsters. So the books where monsters are evil should really have a lot more cheerful, morning monsters. And then you could print out posters of the characters, and incorporate cheerful greetings into your Halloween decorations.

3) Or, just dress like one of those characters who may not exist yet. Granted, that’s not strictly decoration. But I still think it qualifies.

Well, happy Tuesday! Can you think of anything I missed, Fluffsters? Or have you decorated this way before? If so, I’d love to see it.


Well, I just thought of a way to decorate with extra cheerfulness that would also be frightening.

Take a sheet ghost, with its cheerful speech bubble, and give it a feather boa. Feather boas are frightening to begin with. Throw in peppiness and mix it with Halloween, and I think you’ve got the winning scary decorations.

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