Scary Things / Halloween Decorations 5: Glitter

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Greetings, Fluffsters, and Happy Halloween!

Yes, indeed. This is the day that my most recent posts have all been leading up to. Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, October 31, Fall Fest, whatever.

Because I’m looking forward to a lot of fun, today’s is going to be relatively short. After all, it doesn’t need to be much longer… I’m just talking about:

Scary Things and Decorations: Glitter.

When I asked people about scary things, 4/5 people (or so) did say that glitter was the scariest. And even though I use the stuff, I can’t say I blame them. There are several reasons for this.

1) It sparkles. Yes, that’s the point. But it’s so blinding at times! And if it gets on your eyelashes, it looks like there are little flecks of light dancing in front of your eyes, which can be distracting, especially if you’re trying to dance. (Yes, this is experience talking.)

2) It gets everywhere. This is the biggest reason. There are lots of times I’ve tried to confine my glitter to a specific place. The glitter, though, has a mind of its own. You can almost hear the chorus of little voices saying “nope!” as they run ALL. OVER. THE PLACE.

That’s actually about it for scariness… But that’s enough, wouldn’t you agree?

Decorating with it.

Don’t. Just don’t. You’ll regret it. I’m warning you, it really gets everywhere!

If you’re still reading this, you clearly don’t believe me. So here are some instructions to minimize the damage.

1) Don’t. Seriously. Don’t use the glitter.

2) If you must, use lots of glue. That will help keep the glitter in approximately the right place.

3) DO IT OUTSIDE. Not kidding, the stuff gets EVERY WHERE.

Well, that about sums up glitter. Have fun!

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