(Some) Signs of Late Spring

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So. It’s been Spring for a while now. But it’s really feeling like it right now.

and that’s for several reasons.

a) The flowers are blooming. There are few things that smell like Spring to me quite as much as combinations of night-blooming Jasmine and citrus flowers. Those are seriously two of the most beautiful smells that I can think of! And where I am, the jasmine is out in full force. The citrus not is random. But the Jasmine. I LOVE it.

2) It’s getting warmer. Like, WAAAY warmer. Too warm for my taste. It’s getting to mid-high 80s regularly. And that’s annoying, and making me want things like ice cream and milkshakes. Well, wanting them more than usual…

Third) my Google Adwords page is being filled up with fabric, bead, and other craft website advertisements. Motivation for me has basically gone, and I’m spending a lot of “free time” daydreaming about having “free time”. And being able to craft and stuff.

How about you, Fluffsters? Anything indicating “It’s late spring!1!” to you?

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