I have a silly puppydog.

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Hello, Fluffsters!

So, I have a silly little dog. I’ve been recently realizing how silly she really is.

What sparks this? Well, dinner time for the doggy.

I’ve known for a while she isn’t quite normal when it comes to food. Back when we had the other dog as well, we needed to tell her to eat, otherwise the other dog would (try to) eat her food. These days, since we’re not worrying about the older dog eating her food, we just let her have her own schedule. She’ll (probably) eat when she’s hungry, so she seems to be doing ok.

But that’s not the funny part. No, the silliness comes when she is eating. Because, you see, for some reason she does not seem to want to eat her food out of her dish. I think it’s the (probable) French Poodle in her. She seems to need “the right ambiance” before she’ll eat. So, recently, I’ve noticed the little thing take a mouthful of food, trot all the way across the house, deposit the food on the floor, and then eat it.

Because that makes perfect sense.

Happy Monday!

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