Some Halloween Music Recommendations (post 997)

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So, I know this is a tiny bit either early or late for starting a Halloweenseries. But I was just chatting with a friend, and some music came up, and I remembered it’s absolutely perfect for Halloween.

It’s based off of the original Dies Irae Plainchant Theme.

(The video below is a bit long. You don’t need to hear all of it to get a feel for it.)

So, the words are basically “Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath” in Latin. That right there makes it a haunting refrain. And then a lot of people use it in their music.

One of my personal favorites is the last movement of Symphonie Fantastique.

Another is Rachmoninoff’s Variation on a Theme by Paginini. This one also doesn’t bring in the Dies Irae theme until a few minutes in. I’ve theoretically copied the YouTube time for where it actually starts. (You should listen to the entire piece, though, since it’s gorgeous. And haunting. So, yeah.)

So, yup. Here’s approximately the next location in the piece where the theme comes up. Seriously. It’s a recurring theme. I love it.

I may include more music for Halloween as it becomes relevant. But this will do for right now. And besides, I’ve got the looming terror of the 1,000th post coming up… I’m definitely going to be haunted by how little I do for it…

So, happy 997th post, and happy 9 days until Halloween! And Happy Thursday. Just to give you too many cheerful greetings and all. Because those can be scary. So, yeah. Have a great day.

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