Starch Three Ways

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Hello again, Fluffsters! Happy Thursday!

Once again, I’m going to be lazy and take advantage of foodish type things that happened at the cafeteria I go to regularly. Today’s demonstration is of dinner a couple days ago. I now present:

Starch 3 ways!

a meal served by the dining service- couscous, pasta, and bread.

A balanced meal. Starch is evenly distributed throughout the entire meal!

The three main parts were bread, a “chicken Parmesan pasta bake”, and couscous. In other words, starch, starch with a bit of protein mixed in, and starch with a few veggies.

I’m guessing that it qualified as “balanced” for three reasons:

1) Technically, it included vegetables and meat. Even though they were very difficult to find.

2) We have “Itallian”ish bread, a grain from North Africa, and a purely American invention. (I’m quite sure the Italians would be cringing at what’s been done to the pasta.)

3) Most importantly, it’s well balanced on the plate. The center of mass remained at the approximate center of the plate, so it’s therefore balanced.

So, Fluffsters, can you think of any other ways that this meal is able to be considered balanced?

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2 thoughts on “Starch Three Ways

  1. Elizabeth

    There’s a vegetable on that plate? I don’t see anything…. And it is also balanced because the color balance of the picture looks good. 😉

    1. Webmaster Post author

      Tomato Paste. Going by Congress’s standards, the tomato sauce probably counted as a vegetable. I think there may also have been a coupe of hints that a vegetable was waved over the couscous.


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