Days of the week: Sunday

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Sunday!

You know, why do they even call it that?


Sunday. Why is it called that?

It’s frequently cloudy. Or rainy. So why is it “sun” day?

I guess that if you look at the frequency of how often it’s sunny, the distribution would be such that probably about 1/7 of the sunny days are Sunday… right? I mean, if they’re evenly distributed?

Uh, yeah…

And why only sunny days? Why don’t we have Rainiday? Or Cloudiday?

Wouldn’t it be Randay or Cloday? Just going from the rules the rest of the days of the week lay down?

Huh, you might be right! Which would explain why we don’t use them: It just sounds unnatural!

Thanks, Fluffy! You really helped clear that up.

Uh… right. Sure. You’re welcome?

But yeah. So, happy Sunday to you all! I hope there’s a lot of brightness in your day today. And have a wonderful week!

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