A very talented 4 year old

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Greetings, readers! I wish you a joyous Friday.

As your weekend approaches, I realize that some of you may be wondering what to do with your time. Well, fear not! A four year old and her mother have found a perfect solution. They design paper-dresses.

I wish that my family had been able to use such materials- that might have made the costuming easier for our shows. At the very least, it would have kept my younger sister out of trouble, or would have cost less.

You have a younger sister?

Yes. Furry McGiggles. Did I not mention her?

Uh, no… You didn’t. I knew about your younger brother, but you never mentioned a sister.


Well, yes. Furry. She’s a lot younger than me, and very into clothing design.

You said something about it would have been less expensive…?

Yes. You see, she’s so into clothing, she would occasionally raid the costume wagon. Sometimes, when she was about three, she would simply wear the fanciest dresses through the mud, and ruin the hems.

She discovered sewing items, like scissors and pins, when she was two. When we were unlucky, she would decide to modify the dresses. After all, the acting troupe is a bit busy, and it’s really difficult to keep track of a small child.

…Oh. That does sound expensive.

It was. Your paper is much less expensive, from what I understand.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, readers!

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