The Greedo Conspiracy

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Hello, Fluffsters!

So, I found out something a couple of days ago. Apparently, there’s a recently discovered type of Catfish. And it’s been named after the Star Wars character Greedo, because of similarities of appearances.

Of course, now I’m wondering… What if this is all some sort of plot with Star Wars to make science more interesting? So, suppose that scientists actually found this type of catfish decades ago, and George Lucas based Greedo on the fish. And then the scientists are only now revealing the existence of the fish, so that people are a) more interested in the discovery because it looks like a Star Wars character, and 2) make it less likely anybody would discover the conspiracy?

I blame the rainbows. They’re devious like that. But I’m onto your tricks! Your sith mind tricks won’t work on me, rainbows!

Let me get this straight… rainbows are sith now?

Well, do you have proof that they aren’t?

Anyways, Fluffsters, have a good day. Don’t eaten by a catfish, a space alien, or a rainbow, ok?

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