Boring things I’m calling comfortable (2/6): Towels

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Good news, Fluffsters! Only 5 days left in the “Comfort” theme.

In honor of this being the last week, I’m going to be doing a series on things that are normally boring, but that I’m calling comfortable for the sake of fitting the theme. So yesterday’s was Socks. Today, I’ll be writing about towels.

…At least you’re being honest.

I know, right? But anywho, here’s the post:

Comfortable Towels

There are a few things that make a towel comfortable.

1) fluffiness. A towel is more likely to be comfortable if it’s really fluffy. Of course, that might also lead to clogged drains in the washer, which can lead to flooding in the laundry room, and therefore wet socks the next time you go out to check laundry, which leads to a cold and pneumonia and none of those things are comfortable. But at least your towel’s comfy!

2) Softness. Although at first glance this is the same thing as fluffiness, it’s actually not. Something can be soft without being fluffy, and fluffy without being soft. Terrycloth especially, which is what most towels are made of, is an example of that type of fabric. But yeah. Soft towels are much softer-

-There’s a surprise.

– And softer is usually more comfortable. For things like that. Once again, it would not be comfortable to use a soft knife.

I mean, can you imagine trying to cut a steak with a soft knife? It just wouldn’t work. And then you’d be uncomfortable because of hunger. Or grease all over your face and fingers as you couldn’t use utensils. 🙁

3) Length / size. Bigger is better. ’nuff said.

So, there you go! Here’s the second boring thing that I’m calling comfortable in this series. And what about you, Fluffsters? What’s your most comfortable towel like?

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