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Hello, Fluffsters!

I’m by no means an expert, but today I’m going to be talking a bit about…


1) The thing you normally think of probably isn’t a tuba. The big circular thing that goes over the person’s shoulder? That’s called a sousaphone. If you only remember one fact remember that! Normal tubas are held.

So, again to clarify: These are pictures of tubas. These are images of sousaphones.

2) Sousaphones are marching tubas. As in, they are the marching band’s version of a tuba. The sousaphone players are awesome. Since they wear their instruments, every thing they do gets reflected in the instruments. The sousaphone players also get to wear berets instead of harder hats, because there’s no way a traditional band hat would fit under the sousaphone.

3) Tuba players can do amazing things with their instruments. For example, there is a “dueling tubas” arrangement. This is what it sounds like- “dueling banjos”, done by tubas.

So, Fluffsters, do any of you know any interesting tuba facts?

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