A Whovian Halloween- part 2

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Greetings, readers!

If you are neither a Whovian nor someone who does Halloween, my apologies. This post will not be the most inspiring for you.

For those of you who do appreciate Doctor Who, however, I am here today to share another idea for how to make a Doctor Who themed Halloween Party.

This idea is inspired by series 6. (Of the reboot, of course.)

It will not take too much preparation, just a little bit of “sneak” talent. Basically, take a black marker, and sneak tally-marks onto people.

Also, if possible, put random items into their pockets, or by their hands.

If you can do this without being noticed (maybe in a completely darkened room, holding your “target”‘s hand?) this has the potential of being adequate for a Halloween Party. For a bonus, if you could either stop the clocks at 5:02pm without anybody noticing, or just get all the clocks in your house to skip ahead to some time (after you have put tally marks on your guests, of course) that could increase the effect.

Alternatively, you can randomly disappear, and then come back, claim “no memory” of where you just were, and have tally marks on you.

That would not be as successful, however.

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