What to Do when you’re Really Excited

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Something that people do is they get excited. And when they get excited they do things to try to express the excitement. Here is a list of things to do that I’ve come up with. (I may or may not use any/all of them…)

1) Bounce. This one’s very easy, and has many ranges. For simple bouncing, start with a flat-footed position. Transfer your weight to your toes, and raise your heels. (Basically go up on tip-toe.) Then, return to your flatfooted resting position.

1b) Advanced bouncing. For more advanced forms of bouncing, once you are on your toes, add a small jump in, land back on your toes, and only then return to your flatfooted position.

1c) Trickiest Bouncing.For the most advanced form of bouncing, which I have not yet mastered, increase the jump size, aim your feet towards a wall or a ceiling, and hit said wall or ceiling. You are now bouncing off walls.

Disclaimer: If you try this type of bouncing, be sure to land back on your feet. We at TotalFluff are not held liable for any damage that may come from attempting anything on this site.

2) Hug someone. I’d suggest getting their permission first. Or at least make sure you know the person before you give them a hug. Hugging a random stranger sometimes gets you weird looks…

…Is that the voice of experience speaking?

I’m… not going to answer that one.

3) Do a cartwheel, or other gymnastics. I actually haven’t done this one. But I wish I could- it looks like a great way to express excitement!

4) Talk to a friend. As long as they’ll even somewhat understand why you’re excited. (It’s annoying to talk to people who give you a confused, “okay, dear, whatever you say” look when you’re super excited(!) about something.) The shrieks of excitement are always fantastic.

Yup. That’s about what I can come up with. What about you? Do you do anything when you’re feeling really excited?

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