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Heads Up-date: NaBloPoMo

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Hello, everyone! Just letting you know, I signed this blog up for a “challenge” thing.

…You did what?

I signed up for a themed “National Blog Post Month” (NaBloPoMo) Challenge thingamabop.


So, are you going to elaborate on that? Or are you leaving us in suspense as to what that means?

Oh, explanations! Right! Sorry!

Basically, what this means is that I’m supposed to write a blog post every day for the month of May. And hypothetically, the blog posts are supposed to relate to the theme of “comfort”. It’s sponsored through a group called BlogHer, and, well, instructions for the challenge can be found here.

Now, hypothetically this won’t impact your reading experience that much. I may use their prompts, I may not. If I do, it will be because the prompt seems fairly fluffy. If I don’t, it’s because I wanted to do something different. But I thought you might want to know anyways. The challenge starts tomorrow, so that should be fun!

You and I may have a different sense of the word “fun”…

What? I’m looking forward to asking some of the questions in the prompts!

Oh. Dear. Yup, you have a very different definition of the word “fun”.

Well, tough. Live with it.

Anyways, happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope your week goes well.