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A (relatively) New AVByte Musical: Disney Villains

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Greetings, readers.

I have recently discovered that I missed a fun YouTube video for an entire month. Apparently YouTube decided to hide it from me… I will be talking to him about it later.

Regardless, here is a new musical movie from AVByte, inspired by the Disney Villains.


Beginner’s Guide to Watching Star Trek: Iconic Episodes

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Sunday!

It’s still the weekend, so I thought of more fun things for you to do. You can watch some Star Trek!

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a number of Star Trek episodes and movies and stuffs. I was very blessed to have a Trekkie father, so he would often watch Star Trek with me and my sister during Father/Daughter time, and it was fun.

All that to say that I’ve been a Trek fan for the vast majority of my life, so I have some tips for if you haven’t already become a Trekkie.

First, some background. By today’s standards, the special effects (especially of The Original Series) are not that fantastic… They’re really not. But they supposedly were at the time. So, just keep that in mind.

Next, if you’re going to be watching the Original Series, I would recommend either watching it when you’re wanting the equivalent of a B-Rated Movie, or with a group of friends who want to make fun of something. It’s got some fun stuff, but the acting (especially Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner) is… just… calling for mockery. Not all the actors are. But Kirk especially is.

It can be a lot of fun to watch. Quite amusing. Especially if you’re expecting it.

Next, don’t feel like you have to watch all the original series before moving on to the later (better) series. In fact, I’ve figured out a few episodes that really hit all the main plots of The Original Series (TOS).

First, you’ll want to watch Arena. That’s probably one of the most iconic episodes. In part because it has one of the stupidest alien costumes of all time. But it also completely illustrates one of the genres of Star Trek. And a lot of “red-shirt” deaths. This is a season 1 episode, so you might want to start with it first.

Next, and incidentally there’s one that falls into this category immediately after Arena, is a time travel episode. My personal favorites of these is “Tomorrow is Yesterday.” However, “City on the Edge of Tomorrow” is another iconic one, and so might be a better one. It’s up to you, though. “Tomorrow is Yesterday” is a bit less serious…

Third is another really iconic episode. “Trouble with Tribbles.” Seriously, you need to watch that one. It’s so important that it gets referenced by a later series. And there are tribbles in the reboot. And you can purchase electronic tribbles. Basically, tribbles are everywhere. So, yeah. You might want to know about Tribbles.

The fourth of “The Iconic Episodes”, and one that gets referenced a few times, is “Mirror Mirror.” This is the traditional parallel universe episode. So, I’ve only really seen it once or twice, I think, but it is also an important one. Although, I’ll completely leave that up to you.

Those are my basic “must see” episodes. There are some extra episodes that are “good to have”, but if you want to move on to the other serieses, those are good foundation episodes, or the episodes that people reference a lot. This does not include the movies that people reference. But it does have a lot of the most mentioned episodes.

Maybe some other post I’ll include other supplemental episodes you might want to watch. Huh.

Anywho, have fun!

Hazards of Reading Quickly

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Hello, Fluffsters!

It’s SATURDAY!!! You know what that means, right?

It’s the Weekend! You have time for things, like reading this blog! Yay! And reading!

And that brings me to the topic of today’s post: The-

-Hazards of Reading Quickly?

You stole my header.

Yes, I did.

Well, you’re right.

It is only reasonable that I guess your content quickly. After all, when you write your title before any other content, I can see that.

Dangit, you’re right. Hmpf.

Well, yeah. Hazards of being able to read quickly. I’m getting there. Here are some hazards

1) It’s hard to find enough reading material. Especially when you’re as picky as I am about what you like in novels.

2) You stay up way too late to finish the book. When your reading rate for the average book is between 80 and a hundred pages an hour, you can get through books fairly quickly. And you know that you can get through the book fairly quickly. Chapters usually take less than a quarter of an hour, so you surely have time for that next chapter! And you know you do, too… Similarly, when you’re close to the end of the book, you know that you can, in fact, stay up and finish the book. You might be up a bit later than you want, but only by a couple of hours. And you’ll actually be able to finish the book…

3) Sometimes, you get bad habits. At least, I do. I have some really bad reading habits. Much of my reading is fiction, and at that level of readability. It’s hard to readjust to nonfiction and harder reading levels. Therefore, there are some times when I’m trying to read more academic-y or knowledge-based things, and it doesn’t go as quickly in terms of comprehension, but my fingers get into reading autopilot. And I hardly even notice sometimes… It’s a bit bad.

So, there you go! Three hazards of being able to read quickly.

Have a great weekend!

The Center for “Selfie” Improvement- funny advertisement

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Greetings, readers.

The other day, I saw one of the most alarming, disturbing, and hilarious advertisements I have ever seen on YouTube.

I am not actually entirely sure who the advertiser is, since what the advertisement was talking about does not actually exist in reality, fortunately. The advertisement itself was worth watching.

It was an advertisement for “The Center for Selfie Improvement.”

Some of you may have already seen this advertisement. It supposedly is clearly aimed at the younger generation of your world.

It was quite amusing. It succeeds in mocking documentaries and selfie-takers, while at the same time not being offensive.

I especially appreciated the play on words, by having the center for “selfie” improvement, as opposed to “self” improvement.

Also, I rather appreciated how the advertisers successfully inserted some subtle tips for how to make “selfies” a bit more interesting. Lighting, pose, and interesting background were mentioned.

Who knows? Maybe the quality of “selfies” might actually improve because of this advertisement.

Convenient World Cup Guide

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Greetings, readers! Welcome back.

According to basically everywhere I go on the Internet, there is this thing called a “World Cup.” Personally, I think it sounds unhygienic, but different worlds do things different ways. If you want to have a cup for your world, who am I to stop you? As long as I can keep my own personal cup if I ever exist in physical form again, I will not object.

From what I have gathered, and I have been paying as little attention to it as possible, there are different representatives from around your world that compete for this, in team format. Also from what I have gathered, each country supports its team, assuming it has a team in the world cup.

As such, I figured I would do my duty to you, dear readers, and find the best resources (in pictorial format) for you to use to decide which team to support. Unfortunately, some pre-knowledge of the World Cup seems to be required for any of these. I do apologize for that, but I did not make the charts and therefore should not be held responsible for their shortcomings.

The first flowchart is a bit chaotic and confusing, and comes with its own article.

The second, and my personal favorite, boasts a much better layout.

Happy cheering.

A Company’s Rather Charming Response

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Greetings, readers!

I hope you are having a good Tuesday.

Before we get to the actual post, I would like to apologize in advance. I normally try to avoid your world’s politics, as this is supposed to be a relaxing place to go every day, or at least a place to laugh. Politics usually ends up offending someone, however, so I normally try to avoid it.

With that said, I am sharing this piece more for the idea behind it, rather than the ideas presented. For you see, the New York Times apparently published an article against one of your world’s major corporations: Walmart. Walmart, in turn, decided against taking it personally, and instead “graded” the piece.

I personally found that to be a rather amusing way of responding to criticism.

Regardless of how you feel about the politics of the matter, I hope you enjoy the official response. After all, whoever wrote the response has a sense of humor.

I hope you have a good Tuesday!

A Story About Goldfish

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Hi, Fluffsters! Happy Monday!

So, I realized I never really wrote about some of the pets I had early on as a child. So, I’m going to tell you about my stereotypical pets: My Goldfish from way back when.

My first dog, who was around before I existed, died when I was in preschool. Starting probably close to the day after, I was very interested in getting a new pet.

About a year or two later, my parents decided that pet fish would be worthwhile.

I was so happy.

My favorites were the goldfish feeder-fish ones that we got. Feeder-fish, by the way, are the cheapest types of fish you can get- people traditionally get them to feed carnivorous fish like piranhas. We decided to get them and let them grow.

And they grew a lot. Seriously. Feeder-fish start off about the size of a thumbnail. Ours grew to be between about 4-6 inches.

Mom’s fish was a white one. That always confused me, as to how gold fish could be white. But it worked. The fish got the name Marshmallow. And it fit.

The one my older sister claimed was a pretty white and gold one named Dreamsicle. Dreamsicle was a pretty one.

Mine was named stripes because, you guessed it, he had a black stripe down his back. When we first got him, anyways.

Now, Dreamsicle and Marshmallow’s names fit them throughout their entire lives. (And all three of them lived probably a good three or more years. They were old fish.)

Stripes’s name, however… We noticed, as he started to grow, that the stripe didn’t exactly grow much. At all. So as he kept getting bigger and bigger, the stripe got smaller and smaller. It was very funny- we eventually had a mustachioed fish that was solid orange everywhere else named… Stripes.

It was fun having a fish.

Well, I hope you have a good week!

How to have lunch for less than a dollar

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

Happy Sunday!

So, today I figured out a new trick. You can very easily have lunch for less than a dollar. Yes, I mean it!

It’s doable in only two steps.

First, find something that costs less than a dollar and eat it. A gumball does not work, since you don’t actually eat it. An apple pie from McDonalds does, though. Call that your lunch.

2) Call anything else you eat at that time a “snack.” Or between then and dinner / breakfast / whatever.

Voila, you’ve now had lunch for less than a dollar!

Happy Sunday!