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I saw Jurassic World

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So. Yesterday, we ended up watching the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie. And it kinda met the low expectations from the trailer trailer that Fluffy wrote about. There was some fun music, but “RUN!” is definitely one of the more repeated lines in the entire thing…

What about you? Have you seen it? Did you have any thoughts?

Wonder Woman was surprisingly good!

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A couple nights ago, I got to see Wonder Woman. (Yes, I went opening day. It was so worth it! Especially since the people I was with paid for my ticket. Never say no to a free superhero movie, folks!)

I originally had been extremely skeptical. My predictions had been that she would essentially be Token Female BA, with totally incompetent costars, and a completely unbelievable plot.

Much to my extreme surprise, that wasn’t how it worked! Yay!

Instead, it was actually a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it a lot, and would recommend it. Fun weekend entertainment.

Have fun!

Beauty and the Beast was AMAZING.

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So, I got to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie yesterday.


Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT.

The live-action version fixed a couple of plot holes from the animated version, the acting and singing were fantastic, the visuals were stunning,/em> and I really liked how the characters were done.

So, yeah. GO SEE IT.

Have a lovely Sunday!

The best part of the new Jungle Book was the Credits

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Greetings, readers!

Last Sunday, I ended up watching the new Jungle Book movie that came out this year. It was a very pretty movie. However, the most entertaining part was — I kid you not — the beginning of the credits. The movie was that dull.

Furthermore, they tried too hard to both use the old movie and the book, and thereby ended up ruining bot. It had minimal story value from my perspective; it seemed to take the worst part of the old movie, and ruined the best parts of the original story.

If you do end up watching any part of the movie, you I would recommend watching it on a speed through until you get to the credits scene. That way, you can still see the CGI beauty, and then you can get the entertainment value of the cutesy animals in the credits.

Needless to say, I do not particularly recommend this film.

Have a lovely Sunday.

The Making Of Stonehenge Apocalypse!

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Yesterday, you may recall, I posted about a Disaster Movie.

Well, it turns out that there’s a half-hour “making of” video that comes with the DVD. (Note: I did NOT order a DVD of this thing. I just watched it through Amazon Streaming.) Anyway, a friendly person posted the “making of” to YouTube. (In three parts.)

It’s quite amusin, especially as the lead actor does a great job of never coming out and seriously criticizing the movie, but also manages to (mostly) avoid praising the movie. (Exception: At the very end, he does say that it’s going to be a good movie. I’m thinking that might have been part of his contract, given his other responses.) (Some of the other actors are not quite that way.)

The three parts are below.

I think one of my favorite parts is the male lead’s explanation for why people should watch this movie. (About 8 minutes into part 3.) He points out that it’s an instructional video for if the end of the world ever centers around Stonehenge.

And in terms of his actual thoughts about the movie, well, there’s a 30 second clip from an interviewish thing that basically sums it up:

Have a lovely day that’s (presumably) not the end of the world!

Bad Movie Review!: Stonehenge Apocalypse

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Yesterday, I was feeling in the appropriate mood for a mindless disaster-flick (read: not wanting to think much, wanting to laugh, and not wanting an intentional comedy), so I ended up watching “Stonehenge Apocalypse.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

Premise: Stonehenge is a disaster device. (Ish. It’s got a lot more technobabble than that.) Our heroes must try to stop it.

Given the actors involved, though, it was basically watching Dr. Weir (from Stargate: Atlantis) and Castiel (from Supernatural) saving the world/universe from implausible scenarios… again.

It was absolutely perfect for what I wanted.

Next time you’re looking for a totally cheesy action movie, where the words “nuke stonehenge” can be used in total seriousness, I highly recommend it.

Star Trek: Beyond – A (mostly) Spoiler Free Review

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Yesterday, I got to see the new Star Trek movie. (Star Trek: Beyond.) I really enjoyed it. A lot. It started well, continued well, and ended well.

Even “beyond” that, their visuals were stunning. The end credits, for instance, had a gorgeous “fly through” of various nebulae and other types of space-y things.

And the Enterprise!

I originally came to the original movies from having been raised with… more advanced graphics than the original series used. And some slightly slicker designs of space-craft, etc. So, I never understood why there were often multiple minutes devoted to showing off the 70s and 80s Starship Enterprise.

After this movie, I get it.

They used modern, 21st century tech CG / special effects to create an Enterprise that looked not only futuristic, but also beautiful. Similarly, the representation of Warp was really cool. They may have only spent a few seconds on showing off the beauty of the 21st century Enterprise, but every shot was amazing. Also, the Instigating Plot Event was beautifully represented (in terms of visualizations). And so were the aliens. There were a few non-humanoid aliens. It was just really cool seeing the detail of the world.

I recommend going to this movie, to see and experience it. It’s worth the Big Screen.

Have a lovely day!

Movie Review: The Martian

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

I’m not sure if you remember this or not, but Fluffy shared a trailer for the movie “The Martian” a bit ago.

Anyway, I’d heard good things about it, so I went to see it recently.

It was really well done!

Terrifying and suspenseful in a lot of places, but well done. Like, seriously. Even before the bad stuff happened, when they were just showing the mission going well and the panoramic view of Mars during the first 15 seconds or so, the silence and starkness of it was enough to evoke a “Gosh, this is terrifying!” response.

But Matt Damon really brought out the humor of the character, which helped provide some amusing moments in an otherwise extremely tense film. I really liked it. And it definitely did justice to the book. (Yes, I read it.)

So, yeah. It was crazy intense, included some stuff that would normally get a higher than PG-13 rating (but somehow didn’t), and also included a person doing surgery. On himself. It was tense.

But I really enjoyed it, and definitely recommend it if you like suspenseful movies!

Have a lovely Thursday!

Stardust: I am Surprised I Enjoyed it so Much

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Greetings, readers!

Much to my surprise, I find myself recommending a movie that is classified as “romantic” by IMDB.

In my defense, if also qualifies as fantasy and adventure.

It is a charming movie, with Ian McKellan as the narrator. The overall story-arch was expected, but the specifics of the plot were not. There were also some distinctly unexpected twists and side-characters.

If you are looking for something to do this afternoon, I would recommend this film.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Beginner’s Guide to Watching Star Trek: Iconic Episodes

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Sunday!

It’s still the weekend, so I thought of more fun things for you to do. You can watch some Star Trek!

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a number of Star Trek episodes and movies and stuffs. I was very blessed to have a Trekkie father, so he would often watch Star Trek with me and my sister during Father/Daughter time, and it was fun.

All that to say that I’ve been a Trek fan for the vast majority of my life, so I have some tips for if you haven’t already become a Trekkie.

First, some background. By today’s standards, the special effects (especially of The Original Series) are not that fantastic… They’re really not. But they supposedly were at the time. So, just keep that in mind.

Next, if you’re going to be watching the Original Series, I would recommend either watching it when you’re wanting the equivalent of a B-Rated Movie, or with a group of friends who want to make fun of something. It’s got some fun stuff, but the acting (especially Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner) is… just… calling for mockery. Not all the actors are. But Kirk especially is.

It can be a lot of fun to watch. Quite amusing. Especially if you’re expecting it.

Next, don’t feel like you have to watch all the original series before moving on to the later (better) series. In fact, I’ve figured out a few episodes that really hit all the main plots of The Original Series (TOS).

First, you’ll want to watch Arena. That’s probably one of the most iconic episodes. In part because it has one of the stupidest alien costumes of all time. But it also completely illustrates one of the genres of Star Trek. And a lot of “red-shirt” deaths. This is a season 1 episode, so you might want to start with it first.

Next, and incidentally there’s one that falls into this category immediately after Arena, is a time travel episode. My personal favorites of these is “Tomorrow is Yesterday.” However, “City on the Edge of Tomorrow” is another iconic one, and so might be a better one. It’s up to you, though. “Tomorrow is Yesterday” is a bit less serious…

Third is another really iconic episode. “Trouble with Tribbles.” Seriously, you need to watch that one. It’s so important that it gets referenced by a later series. And there are tribbles in the reboot. And you can purchase electronic tribbles. Basically, tribbles are everywhere. So, yeah. You might want to know about Tribbles.

The fourth of “The Iconic Episodes”, and one that gets referenced a few times, is “Mirror Mirror.” This is the traditional parallel universe episode. So, I’ve only really seen it once or twice, I think, but it is also an important one. Although, I’ll completely leave that up to you.

Those are my basic “must see” episodes. There are some extra episodes that are “good to have”, but if you want to move on to the other serieses, those are good foundation episodes, or the episodes that people reference a lot. This does not include the movies that people reference. But it does have a lot of the most mentioned episodes.

Maybe some other post I’ll include other supplemental episodes you might want to watch. Huh.

Anywho, have fun!