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Rubber Ducks belong on the Head

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So, you’ve heard the phrase “put your thinking cap on”, right?

Well, I’ve got a different definition of “thinking cap” that I rather like.

Rubber ducks?

Yup. Rubber ducks.

I especially go with the smaller ones.

There are a few advantages of having a rubber duck on one’s head when trying to think.

a) The little bit of weight is comforting. Note that this works best with the smaller ones. I expect a larger one would get to the “distracting” point.

2: Better posture! You don’t want your ducky to fall, do you?

Last. Surprise people! Who knew you were so trendy, to wear a rubber duck as a thinking cap?

“Trendy”. Right.

Anyway. Good luck with the rest of the week! Go and get a rubber duck, if you need one!

My Method for how to “Black Friday”

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As you’re probably aware, the day after U.S. Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday”, and there are lots of sales and such.

And a lot of folks have composed methods of how to work through it the best. Here’s mine.

a) Go online. This is helpful, as you can see what’s for sale.

2) DON’T GO OUTSIDE. Like, seriously? There are people out there. Just stay inside!

iii. Buy Online. Again. Advantages include: NO CROWDS. And NO PARKING ISSUES.

last: Wait for Cyber Monday, if necessary. Digital age, folks. Lots of online sales will happen on Monday. And once more, you don’t need to deal with that “real world” stuff.

So, there you have it! My tips for surviving Black Friday.

What’s your usual method?

Steps to reading the perfect Fluff Post

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So, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.

The good news is, I thought of a perfect fluff post!

The bad news is, I wasn’t at my computer at the time, I didn’t write it down, and I don’t remember it.

So, if you want to know what it was, here are some steps you’ll need to follow.

a. Learn to read my mind.

2. Develop time-travel, and go back to yesterday. Or maybe it was the day before. I don’t actually remember.

iii. Track me down. Try not to appear too stalkery, though.

Last. Read my mind, and get the benefit of the Fluff.

Or, as an alternate, you can readjust your standards and expectations so that this post is perfectly satisfying. You choose.

Have a lovely Friday!

Upsides of having a cold with a sore throat

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So, I have a bit of a cold-y thing. And it started out with a sore throat.

But I’m not actually too upset at the moment, for a few reasons.

A) it’s nowhere near as bad as when I was trying to figure out which villain to become so I could avoid having a nose.

2) sore throats (while (definitionally) painfull) have some upsides. For example, Honey. Or Honey and lemon. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, two kinds of honey, lemon, and some cayenne. That’s probably my favorite home remedy ever.

With the possible exception of…

iii) Home-made chicken soup. It’s a legit reason to make homemade chicken soup. Which is quite good stuff.

And then last) you can blame anything on your cold. Forget to do the dishes for your chicken soup? Blame it on the cold. Not want to talk in class? Cold. Fail to contain your pet dragon who’s now terrorizing the poor innocent bystanders? Cold. Accidentally turn your home remedy into a marinade by adding some garlic, onion,
and chicken? Definitely the cold. (Although possibly a good idea, too.)

So, yeah. Upsides.

Happy Tuesday!

Exhaustified brains are confusifying

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As you may recall, I had a very time-constrained thing recently, and so ended up pre-writing some number of fluff-posts.

I’m now writing this post on an exhaustified brain, (well before it’s being posted) after having finished The Thing, and before getting enough sleep. And I have to say, even though I’ve dealt with my brain being too tired before, it’s still kindof amusing and very unexpected what it’s up for doing.

Especially when considering what it’s not willing to try.

So first, some things I’m too tired to do:

a) watch silly, mindless TV. The very idea of watching anything completely mindless makes my brain curl up into a ball and scream “NO!!!!” at the top of its lungs. (Fortunately, it doesn’t have any of its own, and it hasn’t commandeered mine to yell… yet.) So, yeah. No mindless TV shows. This includes cartoons, “family feud” or “Jeopardy” type shows, and so on.

2) Get involved in a good story. So, no reading a good book, Doctor Who, etc.

last) Go to bed. I should. But I also kinda really want to decompress. You know.

Now, here are some things that my brain does want to do.

1) Watch YouTube-available college lectures on creative writing.

1b) Watch video analyses on YouTube about film-making.

So basically, my brain is too tired to let me go to bed or enjoy something mindless. But it does want to do something educational.

I’m so confused.

Anyway. Happy Friday!

Four Villains I Am Currently Jealous Of

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I have a cold. I’m not happy about this. My nose is especially unhappy about this, and is making the rest of me very unhappy by extension.

In light of this, I have determined that there are a few (fictional) villains I am more than a bit jealous of at the moment.

first) The Eye of Sauron. Literally, he’s just an eye. There’s, like, no sinus problems he needs to deal with. Granted, the eye looks a bit irritated all the time. And it’s “wreathed in flame.” Which might hurt. So, probably not perfect. But at least there are no nose problems!

a) The “Vampire Pancakes” from Star Trek. Ok, so technically they’re “Neural Parasites”, from “Operation – Annihilate!” They still look like pancakes. And they have vampiric tendencies. And my family has always referred o them as “Vampire Pancakes.”

But I digress.

The point is that they’re completely nose-free. Which means they can’t have noses that periodically try to kill them with the pain of a cold.

So, yeah. Tiny bit jealous right now. Even though they’re unable to be in sunlight and stuff, which might make it a bit hard to lead a normal life.

But hey, who’s perfect?

i) Lord Voldemort from the Potter-verse. He doesn’t have a nose, starting from the end of “Goblet of Fire.” I’m personally feeling like he might have been onto something with that when he gets “reborn.” After all, we don’t hear him complain about a cold, do we?

And how could he, if he doesn’t have a nose that can get congested?

Ok. So, I guess he still has some nose slit thingies. And he probably can’t enjoy food as much. So, there may be downsides. But still. Probably at least minimal congestion and coldage.

And finally, 1) Jafar, from Aladdin. Especially once he gains his Mad Sorcerer Powers, with the ability to turn into a snake. He’s able to still be human and have a nose, so he can enjoy his food. But whenever he wants, he can turn into a snake. Which is a noseless creature. NO CONGESTION!

So, basically the best of all worlds. Able to enjoy the perks of a nose, with none of the nasty side-effects. I bet cold-germs probably wouldn’t even survive in a reptile, either.

Sweet deal.

So, yep. That’s how I’m feeling right about now. How about you?

Ridiculous Reasons I’ve Needed To Trim My Nails Recently

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SO, I’ve come to the realization that my fingernails are possibly a bit softer than average… In part because of some of the reasons why I’ve ended up trimming them recentlyish.

And I don’t know about you, but I have needed to trim mine for some reasons I wouldn’t have anticipated.

Unexpected Reasons why I’ve Trimmed my fingernails recently

a) Cooking. Ok, so this isn’t too surprising. I sometimes do stuff with raw chicken, and I don’t exactly have food-handler gloves (yet), and I dislike getting raw chicken stuff under my nails. (ewwww!). So, when I remember, I like trimming my nails before dealing with raw poultry. Similarly for if there’s anything that may involve mixing by hand. (If I end up needing to knead, for example…)

2) Craftsing. Again, this shouldn’t be too surprising. When nails get too long, it can be hard to maintain perfect control of fiber when crocheting or spinning and stuff.

last) because I washed my hair. Yes, you read that correctly. The reason I’m fairly sure my nails are softer is that when I shower, I borderline cut my nails while shampooing and conditioning my hair. Granted, this usually only occurs when I’ve got particularly long nails in a pleasantly hot shower, and when I’m finger-combing my hair. But still. Individual wet hairs are stronger than my thumb-nails. As I said. Unexpected.

So, yeah. Those are the ones I can think of at the moment… Are there any unexpected reasons why you’ve cut (or trimmed) your nails recently?

Cheerful Reminders

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Greetings, readers!

I have been informed, by multiple sources, that today is a “Big Deal” in the USA. Furthermore, it seems as though cheerful distractions will be appreciated. As such, I would like to remind you that the comic “Ichabod, the Optimistic Canine” exists.

I expect it should give you a few minutes of low-stress.

Thanks, Fluffy!

And, if that one doesn’t work for you, I’d like to take his time to remind you about a few songs…

First, the song pertaining to cows in one’s soup.

I do believe I had successfully blocked that one from my memory. Thank you so very much for reminding us of that one, Webmaster…

I’m guessing that was sarcasm, but I’ll say “you’re welcome” anyway. Because everyone should remember that one. It’s just too cheerful!

And similarly, “Space Unicorn” and “Neon Pegasus” are worth mentioning.

“Space Unicorn”? If it is at all like “Neon Pegasus“, I am fairly certain I do not want to know.

Well, I’m putting them into your post anyway. Feel free to ignore.

Indeed, I will pretend I ignored them.

And finally, as an alternative for those of you who do not have sound access at the moment, here are two charming art prints (both of which are done by the same artist.)

The first is a howling wolf.

The second is a Young Kraken.


Advantages of Southwest vs. American Airlines

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I recently did a bit of traveling. I flew out on an American Airlines flight, and came back via Southwest. And the two together reminded me of some of the differences, and why I’m generally opting for Southwest these days.

1) Southwest has always had enough room for carry-on baggage. Every time I’ve flown American, however, they always ask for volunteers to gate-check bags. If not enough people volunteer, they end up being gatechecked anyway. That doesn’t happen with Southwest, from my experience.

2) Boarding. Boarding with Southwest is so much faster. There aren’t assigned seats, and so people are able to go fairly quickly, since they folks at the beginning of the boarding process can just keep going if they don’t like a spot, or if it’s too crowded.

3) Snacks! I know this is a silly thing, but Southwest usually gives out free peanuts or pretzels. And sometimes cookies, or other things like that. American charges for food.

So, next time you fly, you might want to keep these things in mind. Happy travelling!

Still Bubbling over Sherlock Parody! (part 2)

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So. In case you missed it. The Hillywood Show, whose YouTube song-style parodies I’ve written about before, released their new Sherlock Parody on Saturday!

Also in case you missed it, yesterday, I wrote about a few of the insta-surprises that stood out to me.

Today, I’m going to discuss some of the things that have stood out to me after re-watching far more frequently than I will necessarily admit…

(And after having seen all the released behind-the-scenes footage.)

1) OH MY WORD THE DANCING. The poolside scenes and the stair scenes are both still just astonishing. Even after watching this a few dozen times… Or however many it’s been. The two sisters are just so synchronized. And the choreography itself is “bloody awesome.”

2) The voice actors. They are fantastically close to the voices of the actual Sherlock and John. I don’t know how the sisters found them, but they did a great job!

3) It will be hard to demonstrate my fandom is the Hillywood Show if I ever go to a con and cosplay. As in, the impersonations are to dang good. If I try to show my support for Hillywood by dressing as one of their characters, I’ll actually end up dressing like one of the originals. (So I guess I’d just need to learn and memorize the choreography in order to demonstrate which one I’d be actually dressed as?) Anyway. It’s the tragedies in life. You know.

4) The Jim Moriarty was also fantastic.The way they got the “crazy-eyes” just perfect was, well, perfect. So, yeah.

5) The use of violin. I’m not exactly a fan of the original song. (It’s due to friends of mine that I was even aware of its existence.) So, one thing I really appreciate about this is the use of violin instead of saxophone. (At least, I’m guessing sax). It does just so tie the two together in an immediately discernible way. And the violinist they found was great, too! So, yep.

Anyway. Have a lovely Monday!