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Two Worthwhile Webpages

Hello, everyone! I hope your middle-of-the-week goes quite well.

In order to help ensure that it does, I have decided to share a link with you, a link of mind-blowing cuteness. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But one of my favorite blogs, Epbot.com, has just shared a whole lot of totally adorable art that you have to check out. Seriously. Did you go yet? I mean, YODA! Look at him. I can’t get over it!

…Really? Two over-the-top fluffs in a row?

Well, I guess I need to balance out the “adorableness” of this one, too. I think I have lost all hope for humanity, due to some people fanning over nonexistent bands. Although I do have to admit, it’s an amusing video. You would enjoy watching it.

Yeah, whatever, Fluffy.

Anyways, readers, I hope you have a wonderful day!

As a random-question-of-the-moment, what would you do with a purple orange?