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Even MORE photobombing?

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Hi, Fluffsters.

I am slightly sad. Squeak is missing. And Pip is also a bit sad because of this.

This is not to say that she’s stopped photobombing photos. On the contrary, she sabotaged a duck-team trying to get into the water gymnastics this year. (At least, I’m guessing that’s what they’re doing. I can’t think of another explanation for this picture.)

A "pyramid" of ducks

Duck Pyramid

But you can tell, Pip just looks a bit sad. She’s not in quite as obvious a spot as sometimes. And she’s sitting next to a black object- clearly trying to make friends with an “almost-Squeak.”

I feel sorry for her. I hope Squeak shows up soon. But in the meantime, I also wish that she’d stop photobombing my awesome photos!

Anywho, happy Wednesday!

Problems with Photobombers

So, yesterday evening, I had an unfortunate problem. And, readers, I need your advice.

The weather was actually lovely, and so I decided to try to take some pictures.

How unfortunate.

What? No! That’s not the problem.

The problem was that there were these two that kept following me around and photobombing my pictures.

What is it with you and things following you around?

…At least it isn’t mold.

But anyways, as I was saying. They were seriously getting into every picture I took last night. Even a picture of my food! Like seriously. I was taking a picture of my dinner, and before I took the picture, they’d stolen some of my bread, and got into my picture.

Anyways, my question is this:

Two Ninja Duck Photobombers

My Two Photobombers

What are their names?

Your photobombers are ducks? Ninja, rubber ducks? And you’re asking for help naming them?

I know! Isn’t it horrible? I mean, just look at the photos they got into!

Two ninja ducks hiding behind a lamp post

For ninjas, they don’t actually hide very well.

Ninja Ducks photobombing a picture of a shrubbery

I see you lurking there, ninja ducks…

A ninja duck hanging upside down in the photo

Uh, hello there… HOW DID YOU EVEN GET THERE?!

The ducks even photobombed my picture of ninjas!

They even photobombed my picture of two ninjas I found!

Ninja Duck photobombs a sunset picture

Yes, ninja duck, that IS a nice picture of a sunset that YOU JUST PHOTOBOMBED!

The Ninja Ducks STOLE some bread, and ATE it in my PHOTO


So, as I was saying: What are their names? I’m honestly looking for suggestions. I feel like these ducks will show up in some stories at some point, but I don’t know what to call them!

So far, suggestions have been Pumpernickle & Harmonne, Scout & Bandit, Squeaky & Khanji, MSP & .NET (that was from a different computer programmer from the one that helped me previously, actually…), Black Ninja & Purple Ninja (The one in black is clearly Purple Ninja. And vice versa.) and Brutus & Caesar.

After I get enough suggestions, I’ll put your favorites into a new post, and ask for last reviews. So, leave a comment! Who knows, your proposed name might become their names!