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It’s “Snow” Exciting!

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Hi, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday!

I hope today is a good day for you, wherever you are.

Where I am, right now we’re dealing with a lot of snow, and salt-melt-stuff shortages. It’s making life a bit interesting.

It’s also gorgeous, though! And I got some pictures.


Snowflakes on knit red hand warmers

Snowflakes on my mitten-thingies.

There's a LOT of snow!!

There’s a LOT of snow!!

Blue looking snow with a red-brick building

I hadn’t realized how blue snow truly was until about then


Note: If this is your first time to TotalFluff, please visit this brief explanation. Thanks!

Hello, Fluffsters!

I had a wonderful night last night. It had snowed where I live, and the snow was absolutely perfect for packing. So a friend and I built a snow monster.

Snow monster thingy

Like a sea monster, only different.

And then, I accidentally-on-purpose let it slip that I’d never really had a real snowball fight before. (As I mentioned previously, I come from a much warmer place, and I’d never really taken advantage of the snow since I started living in this location. And there’d never been this much perfect snow with great friends before!)

We then fortunately ran into another friend who, upon hearing that I’d never been in a snowball fight before (at least not in my memory), took it upon himself to get the war started. It was just the three of us for a while, at a few minutes before midnight. Shortly after that, more people came along and joined in. I knew many of them, but some I didn’t know. Regardless, it was a BLAST. (Occasionally a blast of snow- I did walk face-first into several snowballs- but it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

So, yeah. That was my night activity.

And then I got back to my room, and realized that it was even better than I thought. You see, I was wearing these socks:

Snowman festive socks


Oddly appropriate, don’t you think?

Well, have a wonderful Sunday!