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How books are like an addiction

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Friday! (Congratulations, you’ve almost survived another week! Soon school will start up again! Yay!(?))

Anyways. I have come to the realization that books are wonderful. And dangerous. And something like an addiction… So, here’s:

A list of ways that reading is like an addictive substance.

…You actually just wrote that, didn’t you?

Uh… I think so. That’s what happens when I press the buttons on my keyboard and they show up in the post area, right?

So, yes. I did just write that. And here we go.

3) You need to wait until it runs its course. As in, once you’ve started a book, it’s really hard to stop until the book (or series) is done.

2) When you read, you experience things that aren’t really there. At least, those of us with hyperactive imaginations actually do. You see the princess try to run away from the boring castle to volunteer for a dragon. You hear characters talking with each other. I mean, what sort of thing is this “reading”, anyways?

1) You can never stop. Once you learn how to read, that’s it, you’re done. You will never be unable to read again. Addicting, right? And libraries really don’t help! You can just walk right in, all secretive (well, you’re supposed to keep your voice down anyways) and choose the perfect flavor of book, and then, after a bit of magic with a card happens, you can walk out of there with something new to read. Scary, right?

So, Fluffsters, what did I miss? How do you think a book is like some sort of addictive substance?

Comfortable Places to Read

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Hello, Fluffsters!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of fantasy. I really like reading. One of the hard things, though, is finding a good place to read. That’s really hard!

You can come up with questions about muffin flavored shrimp, but finding a place to read is hard?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

But as I was saying. It’s sometimes hard to find a good place to read. But I have my own preferences. And they fall into two main categories.

What, places that fall into a nice category, and those that don’t?

Oh, hush. Anyways.

Places to read.


If I’m reading inside, it needs to be a squishy place. A couch chair with arms may be optimal. But sometimes on my bed is another good place. Basically, as long as I can lean back, and not need to exercise my arm muscles in order to read, I’m happy. In other words, lounging is best.


I’m a lot pickier for outside reading. A good location must fit several criteria.

First, it can’t be too populated. Actually, this sort of goes for any reading spot. But yeah.

Second, it needs to not be messy. I can’t be really comfortable if I know that I’m ruining a set of clothing, and might need to take a shower just because of reading.

Third, it can’t be too hot or cold. Or wet. After all, you really can’t read a book in the rain. (At least, not very well.) So, yeah.

So, these are the criteria for my reading spots! How about you, Fluffsters? What makes a comfy reading spot for you?