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Epic Irish Music

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Greetings, readers all! I hope this Monday finds you in good health, as you prepare to start your week.

I have spent a fair portion of my weekend once again visiting my friend YouTube. And I have found some wonderful things to share with you.

Please, not more Pad-Thai…?

Did you even look at the title?

No, Webmaster. I found that there are a variety of music varieties in your world, and that some of them are available from YouTube. Most recently, I have discovered the Irish style of music. It’s so lovely! Some of it’s quite mournful or nostalgic, a lot of it has a delightful amount of energy, and the channel I found? Those men have voices that would make my Father jealous.

And they certainly make me wish that the lead actors in the Troupe had their voices. It would have been much easier to act with voices like that, which can not only carry a tune, but make it emotive!

Wait a second… I thought that yours was one of the finest acting troupes in your world?

Of course! Male actors who can sing leave acting and become singers. So we were the best acting troupe.

But as I was saying, I have found three favorite pieces by the same group of Irish singers, The High Kings, as a way to start off your week correctly.

First is one that I think is in part about dancing. I’m not entirely sure, though, since I’ve (obviously) never been to Ireland.

I really like it for the tune.

The other one is just a fantastic way to start off a day. What energy!

I mean, seriously? How do they keep all those words coming? 

And the last one seems to be a great way to end this post. I think this is probably my favorite, but I’m not sure. Phil the Fluther’s Ball is also really close.

I hope you enjoy!

And I hope you have a wonderful week.