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Few things as satisfying as this…

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

Last night had a completely useless SUCCESS!!!

For a few years now, I’ve been randomly remembering a movie from my preschool years. However, I couldn’t remember what it was. Only that I thought it involved a zoo, animal colors, a mayor, and a dream. I also knew it was a VHS. (I know, I’m giving away some of my age here…) I had no clue how long the movie was, who made it, when it came out (except that it was still during VHS times), or any of the character’s names.

Well, last night, after a (few years of searching off-and-on-via-google) (as in, for a few minutes about once every 3-9 months…) I FINALLY FOUND IT!

Needless to say, I am feeling fairly pleased with myself.

So, with that, I’m presenting a competition challenge thing! The first person (NOT my parents 😉 ) to email me at webmaster [at] totalfluff.com with the right movie guess, or comment below with the correct movie, will be mentioned publicly in the following blog post if you wish. To make things “easier” for you, I’ll tell you that my original assumptions were, in fact, correct.

Happy searching!

Name the Ducks!

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Ok, now that that’s over with…Hi! As you may recall, in yesterday’s post I posed a challenge for naming two photobombing duck ninjas. Today, I’m asking for your favorites!

When will I learn that the Webmaster’s serious whenever she plans on making things multiple parts?!

So anyways, here are the favorites:

1) Black Ninja, and Purple Ninja.
2) Pip & Squeak,
3) Muaha & Haha, for the purpose of “MUAHAHAHA” excuses,
4) Slartibart & Craig
5) Scout and Bandit

So, I’d like it if you would weigh in! I’d like to hear your thoughts.

(And it might not be too late to submit a name. If you come up with something absolutely perfect, please submit it. And readers, if you see a name in the comments that you think looks amazing, let me know!)

Happy Thursday!

**Update: Another set of names I like: Merry & Pippin.**