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Wall Textures

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

In the category of “about-as-interesting-as-watching-wet-paint-dry”, I’ve been staring at my wall for the past while, trying to think of a topic for this fluff. So naturally, it’s becoming the topic. You see, the wall is textured. And I realized, I don’t understand why some walls get textured and others don’t. More to the point, who originally created these things? Like, “let’s have a wall that looks like a cluster of mutant tree fungi got whitewashed!”. Ok, slight exaggeration. But next time you look at a Spackled Wall, just try telling me that it doesn’t look like something was growing on the wall. Something that shouldn’t have been there.

And on that note, have a good day!

Few things as satisfying as this…

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

Last night had a completely useless SUCCESS!!!

For a few years now, I’ve been randomly remembering a movie from my preschool years. However, I couldn’t remember what it was. Only that I thought it involved a zoo, animal colors, a mayor, and a dream. I also knew it was a VHS. (I know, I’m giving away some of my age here…) I had no clue how long the movie was, who made it, when it came out (except that it was still during VHS times), or any of the character’s names.

Well, last night, after a (few years of searching off-and-on-via-google) (as in, for a few minutes about once every 3-9 months…) I FINALLY FOUND IT!

Needless to say, I am feeling fairly pleased with myself.

So, with that, I’m presenting a competition challenge thing! The first person (NOT my parents 😉 ) to email me at webmaster [at] totalfluff.com with the right movie guess, or comment below with the correct movie, will be mentioned publicly in the following blog post if you wish. To make things “easier” for you, I’ll tell you that my original assumptions were, in fact, correct.

Happy searching!

Why are they called “Earbuds”?

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So. Something that I hadn’t really thought about before.

Why on earth are “earbuds” called “earbuds”?

Well, I came up with a couple of different explanations.

Here we go again…

Explanation 1: They are harvested from the Ear Tree Dr. Frankenstein used to get ears for his monster.

Explanation 1b: They are converted from elephant-ear plants.

…And here we went again.

Explanation 2: They are actually harvested from ears that have made music. In this case, a person with music knowledge thinks really hard about all the music that might possibly occur to anyone else. Their thoughts are so strong, the person’s ears “bud”. The buds are then able to play the music, when linked with someone else’s telepathic interface, or the music player.

I think I’m liking this explanation the best.

I do not understand how this happens, Webmaster. I am not even from your world, and I have a better understand of your world’s technology than you do. I am serious- how did this happen?

Maybe you just lack the ability to understand the creative responses, Fluffy.

…I am not responding to this.

And yet, readers, you might note that she did.

Anyways, happy Monday!

Data “Tables”

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday!

So while I was talking with a friend last night, we ended up talking about tables. And that got me thinking about data-tables, and what one would even look like.

Rather like numbers arranged in “table” format, perhaps?

Really, Fluffy. I know that type. Nope, I’m thinking about tables. That you eat off of or store things on. But somehow made of data.

Oh, you mean like the things I use to eat off of, then.

Wait, what?

Surely you did not think that online tables only had use for websites, Webmaster. I have been using them for my own storage, and traditional table-age for a while now.


So what do they look like?

Rather like datastreams bent into the shape of tables.

That was not helpful.

You did ask, Webmaster.

…I suppose so.

Still, how would one look in the real world?

That is a more difficult problem for me to answer, since I think they could take on any shape you could 3D print.


Yes. 3D printing is a “thing” these days, correct?


3D print patterns are created using computer software that sends data to the printer. Therefore, the pattern is data.

Thus, in a manner of speaking, a “data-table” in your world could be printed into any shape you desire.


I’ll need to think about that.

Well, fluffsters, have a great day!

Hug Cancellation Considerations

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Hello, Fluffsters!

I had a thought yesterday. I’m a bit confused by it.

So, you know how people often ask friends to do something for yet another person “for me”? Like, suppose you ask your friend Beth to “Tell Liz ‘hi’ for me?” That kinda puts your friend Beth into the “you” role. (Liz receives a hug from you.)

Well that got me thinking.

Oh dear. This sounds like lit will get a bit distressing.

Quite possibly.

You see, what happens if you were to also tell Liz to give Beth a hug for you, and they gave their hugs at the same time? Would the net effect be that you’re hugging yourself?

I stand by what I said. Distressing.

Thank you, Fluffy!

Anyhow. On that note, I’ll wish you a happy Saturday.

A Pointless Palindrome.

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Greetings, readers.

Your world is a bit bizarre. In reality, where else would you find a 17,259 word palindrome of absolute gibberish? Granted, I have not read the entire thing- I got bored. Similarly, I have not actually confirmed its length. Regardless, though, why write something like this?

On that note, I bid you a cheerful Monday.

Late Night Discoveries: Fish is an Adjective

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Did you know that lack of sleep makes life… fun?

Well, it does. So many things just POP OUT at you that you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Huh. I think I really don’t want to know where this is going.

Probably fairly accurate.

For example, here’s an example of a late night discovery.

Fish is an Adjective.

I think I’m going to leave before you make my brain hurt.

…suit yourself. But all I’m going to do is explain why the word “fish” is an adjective.


Some folks…

Ah well. So, think about the word for a moment. Fish. (Interesting sound, isn’t it? It has a vowel/consonant ratio of 1:3. And it sounds weird!)

Now think about another word. Owl, for example.

Now think about the word Owlish. That’s an official word- my unedited spellchecker says so! It may not accept my name, but owlish is definitely a word. But I’m getting away from the main topic here, aren’t I?

Owlish is a word. More to the point, it’s an adjective, because it ends in the word “ish.”

Similarly,  the words trueish, blueish, and amateurish are all adjectives. They start off as nouns, and then you add the word “ish” to them to make them adjectives.

Therefore, fish must be an adjective- it ends with “ish.”

It even makes sense. The word describes a particular concept, and it sounds a bit like what the creature does. Can’t you hear the splash with the “sh” sound? Add the “f” sound right before, and it really sounds like it’s describing something splashish!

This was just one realization I came to last night, after way too little sleep, too much caffeine, and too much sugar. Isn’t life more interesting like this?

Happy Wednesday!

Fun Facts You Never Knew About September

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy last day of September!

I guess that is more reasonable than wishing people a “happy Monday…”

That may be true, but when has that ever stopped me?

…Good point.

Well, anywho. That’s sort of off topic for the post. Because, you see, this post is on:

Fun Facts You Never Knew About September

…Which you probably gathered from the title. But oh well.


1) September starts with an “S.” This might not seem like an interesting fact, until you realize that it’s the only month that starts with an “s”. In fact, it’s one of only two months to have an S in it.

2) It originally comes from “sept” which is a form of the word for serpent.

Uh, are you sure you don’t actually mean “septem” or “seven”, for the seventh month?

Yes, I’m sure I don’t mean seven. It’s not the seventh month, after all! That would just be silly to name it after the number 7, when it’s the ninth month.

No. You see, what happened was that it started off as serpent. Then serpent went to Srpnt, which really looked too much like “spent.” Due to a rise of anti-consumerism in the world, and possibly due to religious folks and the rise of Indiana Jones (and therefore a fear of snakes), the r and the n got dropped. It then went to spt. In order to clarify that the word was not “spat”, the people in charge of these things decided to add an “e” into the word. Hence, Sept. So we now have September. Which, when you think about it, sounds a lot better than “Serpentember.”

3) There are a number of traditional holidays in September. These include “Welcome Pumpkin Spice” day, held on the day when day and night are equal time. This is held in honor of the traditional vegetable flavor, in partial penance for all the junk eating we will do in the later months. By celebrating a vegetable this month, we pretend to be healthy and soothe our consciences.

So, I have not heard of that holiday. Given that I’m very good friends with Google, are you sure you know correctly about that one?

Positive. I’ve seen it celebrated. There’s even a movie coming out about it!

…I’m still skeptical.


4) All food that is orange gets you double bonus points in September, after the Pumpkin Spice celebration. Fact. Every goldfish cracker is worth twice as many points as it usually is. Same with carrots, pumpkins, fall leaves, and carrot cake frosting.

Now I know you’re making stuff up. Points for foods you eat? What is this? And eating fall leaves? Webmaster, can you please explain what you’re talking about?

…Oh, look at the time.

Well, Happy Last Day of September, folks! I hope you enjoy your orange foods and pumpkin spice, and avoid being bitten by one of the snakes this month was named after. Bye!

Hooray, this made the news…

Hello, Fluffsters!

Everybody can relax now- the United States ranking 17 in the most happy nations of the world qualified as a valid news article. Now all that we need to wait for is the breaking news article about how Iceland ranks in the world for Number of People Who Wear Green.

Where did that come from?

The internet…

No, not the article. The “Green” ranking. And Iceland?

Do you have something against Iceland?

No, I just don’t see how that question makes any sens-

Well, happy Tuesday, Fluffsters! I hope you have a good day.

Glasses Fog

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Friday!

Last night, I had a… remarkable… experience. In fact, I am remarking upon it.

So a friend and I were going to WalMart. And where I am right now, it’s very muggy outside. And so, my friend was very nice, and put the air conditioning up to full blast in the car. It was delightful- by the time we got to the WalMart, I was feeling almost cool!

What I hadn’t considered in this circumstance, however, was my glasses. My glasses also got cool in the car. Therefore, when I stepped outside, they instantly fogged up. It was as though my lenses were made of frosted glass. Seriously. When my friend turned around after looking for something in the back of her car, I couldn’t tell. It was actually rather funny.

It took my glasses a few minutes to de-fog. Seriously. It also took a bit of the air conditioning in WalMart to completely revert my glasses.

So that’s my fluff experience of the week. What about you?