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A Thought About Winter

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Greetings, readers!

From what I have gathered, many of you are facing a severe winter. For that, I offer you my sympathies.

Similarly, many of you seem to hope for an early Spring. That made me start to think, however– how do we know that Spring has not already arrived? What I am saying is, how do we know that Spring did not arrive before Winter did? Maybe it was simply traveling faster than usual, and happened to outrace Winter.

In other words, be careful what you wish for. Maybe an exceptionally early spring is not the most beneficial of all things that could happen, after all.

Happy Sunday.

Fun Facts You Never Knew About September

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy last day of September!

I guess that is more reasonable than wishing people a “happy Monday…”

That may be true, but when has that ever stopped me?

…Good point.

Well, anywho. That’s sort of off topic for the post. Because, you see, this post is on:

Fun Facts You Never Knew About September

…Which you probably gathered from the title. But oh well.


1) September starts with an “S.” This might not seem like an interesting fact, until you realize that it’s the only month that starts with an “s”. In fact, it’s one of only two months to have an S in it.

2) It originally comes from “sept” which is a form of the word for serpent.

Uh, are you sure you don’t actually mean “septem” or “seven”, for the seventh month?

Yes, I’m sure I don’t mean seven. It’s not the seventh month, after all! That would just be silly to name it after the number 7, when it’s the ninth month.

No. You see, what happened was that it started off as serpent. Then serpent went to Srpnt, which really looked too much like “spent.” Due to a rise of anti-consumerism in the world, and possibly due to religious folks and the rise of Indiana Jones (and therefore a fear of snakes), the r and the n got dropped. It then went to spt. In order to clarify that the word was not “spat”, the people in charge of these things decided to add an “e” into the word. Hence, Sept. So we now have September. Which, when you think about it, sounds a lot better than “Serpentember.”

3) There are a number of traditional holidays in September. These include “Welcome Pumpkin Spice” day, held on the day when day and night are equal time. This is held in honor of the traditional vegetable flavor, in partial penance for all the junk eating we will do in the later months. By celebrating a vegetable this month, we pretend to be healthy and soothe our consciences.

So, I have not heard of that holiday. Given that I’m very good friends with Google, are you sure you know correctly about that one?

Positive. I’ve seen it celebrated. There’s even a movie coming out about it!

…I’m still skeptical.


4) All food that is orange gets you double bonus points in September, after the Pumpkin Spice celebration. Fact. Every goldfish cracker is worth twice as many points as it usually is. Same with carrots, pumpkins, fall leaves, and carrot cake frosting.

Now I know you’re making stuff up. Points for foods you eat? What is this? And eating fall leaves? Webmaster, can you please explain what you’re talking about?

…Oh, look at the time.

Well, Happy Last Day of September, folks! I hope you enjoy your orange foods and pumpkin spice, and avoid being bitten by one of the snakes this month was named after. Bye!