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What else could be fluffier?

Hello, everyone!

So, a group I know about is collecting crocheted baby clothes to give away. And so do you know what that means? I HAD A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE TO BUY BABY YARN!! and USE IT!!

What, buying inspiration for your website’s color scheme wasn’t enough?

Please. I’ve already designed the color scheme. How can I be buying the yarn for inspiration?

Don’t look at me. You’re the nefarious one who’s occasionally mentioned the equivalent of time-travel on other pages.

Just to clarify… You’re saying that I’m smart enough to have figured out how to go back in time, to change the color scheme, to reflect this post? I’m honored!

But… wait. That doesn’t even work; I couldn’t find yellow yarn, so the yarn doesn’t actually match perfectly! Oh, dear! What’s the point of being a time-traveler if I lose all my ability to color coordinate?

You call this website “color coordinated”?

Well, I try. And seriously, here are the hats:

Fluffy Baby Hats


See? They hardly map to the website colors! They’re totally missing yellow. And they’re not gradiented at all. They clearly didn’t inspire the website colors…

Although, now that I think about it, the website’s colors might have impacted which yarns I bought… Huh.

You seriously bought yarn to coordinate with your website?

I think I’m not going to actually answer that one…

Anywho, happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day.