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Happy (belated) Epiphany!

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Monday.

So. Something slightly odd happened in Church yesterday morning. We were celebrating Epiphany, which is the day we commemorate the wise men bringing gifts to Jesus. That’s not the odd part.

Wait. Fluffy didn’t interject with a “how odd.”

If I did that every time, I’d become predictable.

I guess that makes sense.

But as I was saying. The odd part was what happened when we sang “The First Noel.” (It’s a classic Christmas carol, but it talks about the wisemen. So therefore it’s epiphany.) You see, I started actually thinking about what the words were saying in verse three:

And by the light of that same star, Three wise men came from country far; To seek for a king was there intent, And to follow that star wherever it went.

As you may have gathered by my emphasis, the last part before the chorus really stood out to me. I had this image of the wise men / three kings following the star to wherever it was.

To seek for a king was their intent, and to follow the star wherever it went wise men.

The wise men 3 follow the star wherever it WENT… including Space.

…Hold on.


You drew a picture of “wise men three” with individual rocket packs? In space?

I understand that the physics probably doesn’t(? Don’t?) work. But the song does say that they followed wherever it went.

You have a very odd perspective.

Thank you, I think.

Well, Fluffsters, happy Monday! To any of you starting classes, I hope they all go well! And I hope to continue to provide you with a daily dose of procrastination stress relief! I hope you have an excellent week.


Doodling Rant

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Hello, Fluffsters!

So, I’m a bit annoyed. I cannot find the perfect medium.

Have you tried going for a perfect small or large instead?

…What? Oh. No. Medium, not medium.

I hope that wasn’t supposed to make sense. Because it doesn’t.

Huh. I guess it doesn’t work as well when typing.

What I was trying to say is that I can’t find the perfect thing to use for my doodlings.

Oh, artistic medium!

So, you’re ranting because you can’t doodle as well as you’d like?

Yeah. You see, I doodle a lot better with pencil and paper than I do with tablet computer and photoshop. But photoshop has layers. And layers are Ah. Maze. Ing.

Layers… Like onions have layers?

Actually, sortof yes.

Photoshop layers are wonderful. Basically, they’re a way of putting stuff on top of a previously drawn / designed thing, and not losing that picture.

Think of it as paper dolls. You can create the separate clothes, and put them on top of the doll. The doll is there, but so’s the dress. Layers are like that, except it has to do with the drawing itself. And it can be a lot more fine-tuned.

Ok. So your problem is…?

I’m a lot more precise with pencil and paper.


I just doodled this while I was procrastinating from other writing I’m supposedly doing.

Female Human Head Pencil Doodle the Webmaster Did.

This is actually much larger than the doodle itself.

I could never get that kind of precision on Photoshop.

But with pencil and paper, when I erase something, it doesn’t show a previous layer. It shows the paper.

So, let me get this straight… You’re ranting because a doodle you were making while procrastinating wasn’t as high tech as you wanted.

That’s not phrased as a question…

Right. I’m stating a fact. That is what you’re doing, after all.

Huh. I guess it is.

Well, it’s still rantworthy!

Clearly some think so, since you just ranted about it.


So, happy Saturday, Fluffsters!

Fun with Vector Art: Owl(?)

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Saturday!

I have recently discovered how much fun vector art in Photoshop can be. It’s really fun being able to move a point by about a pixel or 3, and dramatically changing the look of something.

You’ve got a strange sense of fun.

So I spent just a little time tonight and created a… something. I think it’s sort of owlish, but I’m not sure. I could be wrong.

A blue, black, and white "owl." The Webmaster has clearly never seen one in real life.

I have no CLUE what I was doing.

Regardless, I had fun with it. I may work on it a bit more. But if I do, by the time it’s done, it’ll probably be very different. You know, like with a cane and a hat. And a mustache. And maybe some eye sparkles. And who knows? It might even be breathing fire. None of these things are likely, but they’re possible, right?

So, do any of you have any name suggestions for the current critter?