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Waterfall Stalker

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Fluffsters, we’ve got troubles. The rainbows are being a problem again.

You know what? I am going to ignore this one. Goodbye for today, readers.

That was… random. Does this mean that Fluffy has been condoning every post where she hasn’t explicitly distanced herself? That’s nice of her!

But I digress.

You see, I now have photographic proof that the sometimes-minion of the Rainbows is sometimes spying on people.

With waterfalls.

They can be anywhere.

They can even spy on you through buildings.

And here’s the proof.

Pagoda, with a waterfall barely visible. The webmaster is clearly blowing things out of proportion... again.

I see you between those two pillars, spying on me…

Well, turnabout’s fair play, I say! So, here. Have this picture of your back, waterfalls!

 picture of the waterfall, taken from behind it.

I bet you never saw THAT coming, did you rainbows and waterfalls?

So, yeah. I’m still on to you, rainbows. You are not going to easily catch me unaware!

Anyway, Fluffsters, I hope you have a good, safe day.