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We have been transported to an alternate reality. I have proof.

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Fluffsters, we have a problem.

I’m fairly sure we have all been transported to an alternate, slightly surreal reality.

There goes the nearly 70 day no-conspiracy streak…

Hey, I have legitimate proof!

It happened earlier yesterday morning. I was on my computer, checking Twitter, when Big Ben changed his routine!

Big Ben has been tweeting out the correct number of “Bongs” every hour for nearly fifty-six-thousand tweets. That means fifty-seix-thousand hours.

Then THIS happened!

Big Ben Twitter Broke


Seriously, Big Ben doesn’t DO that in this universe!

Thus, we must have been transported to an alternate, slightly surreal reality.

I don’t know how the rainbows did it, but it needs to be stopped.

I guess that especially in this case, only time will tell.

Happy Saturday.

Waterfall Stalker

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Fluffsters, we’ve got troubles. The rainbows are being a problem again.

You know what? I am going to ignore this one. Goodbye for today, readers.

That was… random. Does this mean that Fluffy has been condoning every post where she hasn’t explicitly distanced herself? That’s nice of her!

But I digress.

You see, I now have photographic proof that the sometimes-minion of the Rainbows is sometimes spying on people.

With waterfalls.

They can be anywhere.

They can even spy on you through buildings.

And here’s the proof.

Pagoda, with a waterfall barely visible. The webmaster is clearly blowing things out of proportion... again.

I see you between those two pillars, spying on me…

Well, turnabout’s fair play, I say! So, here. Have this picture of your back, waterfalls!

 picture of the waterfall, taken from behind it.

I bet you never saw THAT coming, did you rainbows and waterfalls?

So, yeah. I’m still on to you, rainbows. You are not going to easily catch me unaware!

Anyway, Fluffsters, I hope you have a good, safe day.

The Greedo Conspiracy

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Hello, Fluffsters!

So, I found out something a couple of days ago. Apparently, there’s a recently discovered type of Catfish. And it’s been named after the Star Wars character Greedo, because of similarities of appearances.

Of course, now I’m wondering… What if this is all some sort of plot with Star Wars to make science more interesting? So, suppose that scientists actually found this type of catfish decades ago, and George Lucas based Greedo on the fish. And then the scientists are only now revealing the existence of the fish, so that people are a) more interested in the discovery because it looks like a Star Wars character, and 2) make it less likely anybody would discover the conspiracy?

I blame the rainbows. They’re devious like that. But I’m onto your tricks! Your sith mind tricks won’t work on me, rainbows!

Let me get this straight… rainbows are sith now?

Well, do you have proof that they aren’t?

Anyways, Fluffsters, have a good day. Don’t eaten by a catfish, a space alien, or a rainbow, ok?

Rainbows’ Minions: Music

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Fluffsters, we’ve got a problem.

Don’t tell me. This has something to do with your Rainbow Conspiracy…

What gave it away?

Uh, the title?

Oh. Right. Well, yes in fact! This does have to do with the rainbows.

More to the point, it has to do with the Rainbows’ hired minions: –


You’re good!

…That’s also in the title.

Oh. Right. But yes. I have recently discovered that Rainbows probably use various pieces of music as minions. Not all music, but some pieces.

I mean, think about it. I’ve already written about how music can pop into your head at any time, and refuses to leave. I’ve referred to those as ear bugs.

Now think further about this: Some music consistently enters your mind when you see certain things or hear certain words. At least, it does for me.

Here’s an example: There’s a campfire ditty I learned. The lyrics are simple: “I see the moon//the moon sees me// the moon sees the one// I want to see. //God bless the moon// and God bless me,// and God bless the one// I want to see.” And now, whenever anyone says “I see the moon”, that little piece of music pops into my head. It’s as though it’s following me around, waiting for the opportunity to come out and demonstrate its existence. Just like rainbows.

My conclusion? Rainbows have enlisted various catchy tunes to serve as their minions. The songs receive training from the rainbows. In return, they too stalk people, always there but never observed until the opportune moment. Then they strike.

Next: People sometimes are more annoyed with songs than with rainbows, which just furthers my conclusion.

How does that follow?

Simple. You see, this provides a brilliant contrast for the rainbows.

People might realize that things popping out at them that are just waiting to be discovered are a bad thing, especially when it’s music that’s annoying and gets stuck in your head. Then, just when the poor victims feel that all hope is lost, they realize that there is something else following them that comes unannounced: Rainbows. Since people are predisposed to go “Ooh, shiny!”-

Oh, you admit that?

Yes. Now let me finish my point.

Since people are inclined to go “ooh, sparkly!” they come to the conclusion that there are two types of hidden phenomena: Music (which is creepy), and rainbows (which are the protectors of human kind.) Little do they know that actually music is just the rainbow’s minion, designed to put rainbows in a better light.

So to speak.


Oh, I did make a pun there, didn’t I?

Also, I theorize that rainbows also use music to slowly drive everyone insane so that they can eventually take over the world more easily. But the primary purpose is for publicity and HR.

…Ah. I see.

So as I said, Fluffsters, we have a problem. Your task is to figure out what music you think is working for the Rainbows. Maybe, together, we can solve this problem ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Anywho, happy Thursday!