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A Halloween Short Story I Loved: Brimstone and Marmalade

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Greetings, readers! I bid you a joyous Wednesday.

Today’s post is slightly non-seasonal. Given that there is apparently an overabundance of Christmas even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, though, I think that sharing a story that is slightly behind the season might average things out. Don’t you agree?

The story I’m sharing is sweet, funny, and possibly a bit sad. It takes place in a world where demons are available as pets. From what I understand, this is the only difference between your world and the world of this story.

This story brings to mind some of the more interesting creatures from my home. It’s a fairly accurate depiction of some of the lesser imps, actually. It makes me wonder if some of them may have escaped my world and made it into the world of this story.

The story itself is called Brimstone and Marmalade. I highly recommend it!


Top Bunks

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Hello, Fluffsters!

As you probably already can tell, or will be able to tell, I’m a bit on the very, extremely tired side. So much so that I received inspiration! What is this inspiration about, you ask?

Bunk beds. Specifically, top bunk beds.

I am currently living in a room, with a roommate, and we have our beds bunked. I am on the top bunk. This is still a new experience for me, as up until this year, I had been living on the bottom bunk. So I am in an interesting place of actually being able to determine some pros and cons.


1) No floppability. This is the big one. You can’t just come back, exhausted, and go FLOP! onto your bed. You need to do silly things like climb your ladder first. And even then, it’s hard to floppify face-first.

2) Closer to the ceiling and fire sprinklers. This shouldn’t be a problem. I’m slightly paranoid, though. In fact, I was paranoid enough about the fire sprinklers that I made my roommate help me move my bed to a different place- a place where I wasn’t within six inches of a sprinkler you can kick and thereby activate and cause to flood your entire room and ruin all your books.

The downside still is that of being close to the ceiling. That’s normally not too much of a problem, but when there are nasty insects (like stinkbugs) on the ceiling, that can be so nervewracking! Will the bug get closer? Will it accidentally fall off the ceiling and onto me as I sleep? What then?

I should stop writing about that. It’s a bit too disturbing for my current state of mind to handle.

That’s actually about it for cons that I can think of for right now. So, moving on to…


First of all, do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to write “pros”? I really want to put an “e” at the end. Prose. You know. like not poetry. But I’m getting off topic here, aren’t I? So…

1) NOTHING FALLS ON YOUR HEAD AT NIGHT!!! As I mentioned previously, I’m really used to bottom bunkage. With someone on the top bunk. It gets really annoying to wake up in the middle of the night because your roommate’s blanket or full body pillow has fallen on your head again. With the top bunk, though, that problem is eliminated! BWAHAHAHA!

2) I’m actually making my bed. It’s really odd. You’d think that since it’s harder, I wouldn’t be making my bed as often. The fact of the matter, though, is that since it is a lot harder, I need to do it as soon as I wake up, and can’t just plan on doing it at some unspecified “later”.

3) Towerness. It’s up high. Like it’s a tower. That’s fun.

How about you, Fluffsters? Any pros or cons for the top bunk that I missed?

“BatKid”- different perspectives

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Monday!

This week is starting off quite well. I ended up finishing the project I mentioned yesterday, and I had time to bake and do fun stuff with friends! I’ll find out soonish how the project is received.

For the fluff post today… I’m sure that you’ve seen one of the big stories making the rounds recently. “BatKid“, a former Leukemia patient, age 5, made headlines around the world today.

Isn’t that a sweet story? It’s so nice when people’s dreams can come true!

It’s certainly nice, for that kid.

What do you mean by “for that kid”? It really touched everyone who was there, apparently! Isn’t that a good thing!

It’s good for those people too.

But…? What aren’t you saying, Fluffy?

Why this kid in particular? People at the Make a Wish foundation mention other kids who have expressed superhero wishes, but there was never a response “like this.” So why does this kid get his true dream come true, and others not? What makes this little boy so much more special than other leukemia patients?

How are the kids who did not get the same type of response feeling?

…I don’t know. Those are different questions from what I’d been thinking about.

I still think it’s sweet that this little boy did get to live his dream. It’s really cool that a community came together and made it happen. Isn’t that enough for right now?

…I honestly don’t know.

It is a nice story, and that kid, and his parents, will probably remember this day as one of the greatest days of his childhood. That is worth something. I still don’t know about the other kids.


What are your thoughts, fluffsters? What is the proper reaction? How are we supposed to consider this, in light of the children who didn’t get as much of a wish fulfillment as this one boy?

I composed this yesterday.

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Yesterday, I spent about 14 hours working on a project. (It’s still not done.) The project called for music. So I composed this with Finale.

And since I did spend ridiculous amounts of time on the project, I have not, alas, been able to do my normal research into fluff. Therefore, I’m multitasking. Here. Enjoy.

Happy Sunday! Have a great week!

Redoing Star Wars: Phantom Menace

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Greetings, readers! Welcome to this Saturday’s edition of TotalFluff’s Daily Fluff.

This week, I came across a rather interesting YouTube video. It was a different version of Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace.

The fellow in the video talks about what he would have done differently if he was in charge of the Star Wars prequels. (Warning, I don’t remember if there’s any “language” involved.) The video is a bit long, but his description of what he would turn Phantom Menace into makes it sound like an amazing movie. I wish I could see this actually happen.

The fact of the matter is that the way this fellow presents his ideas, it looks like it would be a good movie. The interplay of light and dark, the development of jealousies, temptation, all of those go into the classic story. I also approve of removing the Gungan from the movie.

What about you, readers? What did you think of this fellow’s suggestions?

I found something worthy, but now I don’t remember what it is

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It’s annoying when this happens.


This. I was going to write an epic fluff post. I had the topic all picked out earlier, after an extensive time of research. And now, when I’m actually trying to write the silly thing, I don’t remember what my topic was.

Oh, the tragedy.

You know, for a melodramatic actress, you really don’t use that much excitement in your tone.

The world may be a stage, but I’m not in the world right now. I can therefore take a break, if I so choose.

Ok, fine. Fair point.

That still doesn’t help. I guess I can write about

Things that this post might have been about… If I Remembered the Topic

1) A YouTube Video of some sort.

You have done a number of those recently.

What can I say? They’re fun and quick. And they take provide a healthy dose of fluff into daily life. I don’t remember if that’s what my topic for today was going to be about, though. After all, it might also have been

2) Real World News Events. There are a few things fluffier than news. But when the reporters are fishing for headlines, it’s really hard to beat them for fluff! I can’t decide if it makes my life easier or harder.

I don’t remember anything particularly fluff worthy, though, so I’ll assume that’s also not it.

3) Crafts & Projects & Stuffs. Except, I haven’t really had time for any of that lately either. Huh.

4) Something Epic & Amazing. I’m guessing this was it. After all, it’s got ninja-like skills to sneak in and hit me over the head with inspiration, and then leave surreptitiously without my even noticing! So I’ll assume that it was something awesome and cool and like this should have been the best post ever.

So, Fluffsters, can you just use your imagination and pretend that it’s the most amazing post you’ve ever read? Or, better yet, comment on what you think my post was supposed to be about?

Happy weekend!

Epic Violin & Cello Music

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Have you ever heard of the Piano Guys? Or Lindsey Stirling? If you have, you’re in for a treat. If not, you’re still in for a treat.

The Piano Guys are probably the best pianists / cellists I know of. They make lots of YouTube videos and variations on popular (and classical) music and stuff. They’re amazing and I highly recommend anything they do. With very minimal restrictions on that.

Lindsey Stirling is another very popular YouTube musician. She does very impressive videos, and plays the violin amazingly well. Her videos normally tell some sort of story, or illustrate things from the video games / movies / stories she’s taken her variations from the music on. (Did that sentence even make sense?)

Well, back to my current topic. These two sensations have teamed up, and they’ve created a Mission Impossible themed music video. Not only is the music a lot of fun (who doesn’t like the MI theme music?) but it also shows a very fun story. It starts off with Her getting a mission, and it goes on from there. I highly recommend watching it.

I think one of my favorite parts is that the video managed to work in most of the most famous elements from the Mission Impossible series. (Spoiler alerts.) There’s a person dropping from the ceiling without being seen, there’s a face-removal, and there’s a ridiculously complicated laser obstacle course they need to get through.

In other words, I really enjoyed this video. Have a great Thursday, and a wonderful rest of your week!


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Greetings, Readers.

To start your work week off, I am providing you with another YouTube video. This one gives a miniature lecture on the art of drawing borders. It is worth watching.

I think my personal favorite part is about the lighthouses, tourists, and lobster fishermen. Either that, or the fact that members from both Canada and the United States need to cross the border multiple times a day in order to receive higher education.

My country does things very differently.

I hope your week is less bizarre, but as amusing as, the Canadian / United States border.