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Hello, everyone!


In honor of the occasion, here are some of our favorites so far.

You do realize that the 2000th post is an artificially important post, right?

Huh? What do you mean?

We only celebrate this number in this particular form because we use a base ten system. If we used an alternate system (such as binary), we would not be celebrating this post.

How about I start. One of my favorites is my Pride and Prejudice review.

Ah, yes. That is a fun one, Fluffy. Thanks for starting with that!

My Pleasure!

And continuing on. Two of my favorites include my various poems. Like, the one about coffee and my Bee Poem. Those are fun

… Of course you are starting your set with those two. Thank you, Webmaster.

Yup! You’re welcome!

Additionally, as long as we are sharing writing, I am also fond of my home world’s legend of the origin of treasure chests.

Ooh, yes! I did like that one.

Also, I like my tale of ninjas. I bet you never saw that one coming!

In the category of the more acerbic, I am also fond of my review of the remake of The Jungle Book.

Ooh, and while we’re talking about slightly more recent things. I’m liking the existence of my Thinking about Questions.

I think my favorite from this year is on Icebreakers.

Oh, and another favorite with random information. I still love my infographic about Rome. That was one of the few I did, and I still think it came out well.

And while we’re at it, I also like some of the photos I’ve shared.

But what about you? Do you have any favorites?

And again, HAPPY 2000TH! Thank you for reading!

Thanksgiving and 1000th Webmaster Post!

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So… Long time no see. Ish. Or something.

You see, this is the Thousandth Post where I, The Webmaster, am the listed author. So yeah, some of them may essentially be posts from The Student on the cooking website, and I may have contributed significant amounts to some of the posts where Fluffy McGiggles is the listed author, but this is still the 1000th affiliated with “Webmaster” as the author. So, that’s exciting! And it feels like it should be a big deal.

And in honor of that, and in honor of Thanksgiving, the American holiday devoted to giving thanks, I just wanted to give a big shout-out to all of you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for enjoying!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. And here are some old posts that are coming to mind.

First, a relatively seasonally appropriate one from last year, pertaining to California and Fall. I’m not sure why, but I just really like that one.

Second, one that’s been getting a lot of new readers. (Even if they don’t really stick around…) It’s the one about “The Fox Box”.

Third, because the Fox Box reminded me of it… the various posts about The Fox Song. (That’s an example of one I basically wrote, but that didn’t get characterized as “The Webmaster Wrote This.” Oh well.) Also, my later analysis of The Fox Song.

I’m thankful that some existed. It meant I had the opportunity to write about it.

Fourth, I’m rather pleased that I discovered the Kitten Takeover. After all, who knows? If it’s a part of the rainbows’ plan, this might help!

Anyway. What are some of your favorites? What are some things you’re thankful for? I’d encourage you to take some time today, and reflect!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy 1,000th!

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So, as you’re expecting: HAPPY….


A lot’s happened in these past 1,000 days.

For example, last year. 2014. I made a nice post recapping some of my favorites, so I’m going to let that post speak for me.

And, 700 posts ago, I made a recap post for Fluff 300. It also links to some of my other, older favorites.

So, yeah.

I hope it continues to work out!

Since the Webmaster appears to have forgotten this valuable part– thank you very much to you readers for looking.

Right. Thank you for the reminder, Fluffy.

Thank you, fluffsters, for enjoying. And for sharing. (I think the most shared material has still been Fluffy’s review of Pride and Prejudice…)

So, yeah. I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and a great week! Here’s to more fluff!