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“Facts” about Rome: An InfoGraphic

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Happy Foundation of Rome Day!

Oh, you actually got to a Holiday before I could? I’m quite surprised.

Well, it had to happen some time, didn’t it?

Anyways, in light of this momentous anniversary, I have created an Infographic.

Another infographic?

Yup! And I’ve illustrated it and everything!

…I’m a bit worried. So, an infographic. What’s it about?

“Facts” about Rome.

… That you may have created on the spot?

Of course!

But without further ado, here it is:

An infographic about Rome that discusses how old Rome is relative to Star Wars, how the Romans were inspired by The Hunger Games, Roman Food, and how Romulus's twin was teleported into Harry Potter World

Happy Something-Thousand-and-something Birthday, Rome!

Yup, further reading definitely required.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: how do you even come up with this stuff?!

What? I didn’t even touch on some of the weird stuff.

That wasn’t- oh, nevermind. Happy Sunday, readers!

Yup, Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have a great day!