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Even MORE photobombing?

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Hi, Fluffsters.

I am slightly sad. Squeak is missing. And Pip is also a bit sad because of this.

This is not to say that she’s stopped photobombing photos. On the contrary, she sabotaged a duck-team trying to get into the water gymnastics this year. (At least, I’m guessing that’s what they’re doing. I can’t think of another explanation for this picture.)

A "pyramid" of ducks

Duck Pyramid

But you can tell, Pip just looks a bit sad. She’s not in quite as obvious a spot as sometimes. And she’s sitting next to a black object- clearly trying to make friends with an “almost-Squeak.”

I feel sorry for her. I hope Squeak shows up soon. But in the meantime, I also wish that she’d stop photobombing my awesome photos!

Anywho, happy Wednesday!

Fantastic Snowflakes!

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Today’s post is a short one on my end. But basically, I wanted to share a really cool article with you.

Ok, so you know how every snowflake is unique? Well, somebody photographed some snowflakes way up close. And they are so cool looking.

So to speak.


Snowflakes. They’re cool. Frozen water. You know. A pun.


Anyway, happy Tuesday!

Tying Shawls for Dancing

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Greetings, Fluffsters!

So, a couple days ago, before I went to the restaurant with my friends, we were at a Christmas themed ballroom dance. It was a lot of fun.

Right now, I’m just wanting to bubble about a discovery I made! But first, a little back-story. I’ve gone to this dance for the past several years. A couple of years ago, I had intended to go in a blue dress with a white shawl I made. (As in, I made both the dress and the shawl.) I went, but needed to take off the shawl since I wasn’t able to figure out how to keep the shawl (alright, it’s turned into more of a capelet) on without choking me or hitting whoever I was dancing with in the face. (Or chest, depending on the height of whoever I was dancing with.) So I despaired of being able to wear the outfit again.

You see, the dress is lightweight, but winter-blue. It does not work as a summer dress, since it’s very dark winter blue. But it also does not work as a winter-dress, because it’s a lightweight, sleeveless, knee-length dress. It looks very nice with the shawl, so I probably could get away with wearing it wintertime in warmer climates, but if there’s snow, it’s a bit cold.

It’s perfect for winter dances, though, since it’s very wintery, but it’s also cool enough that I don’t overheat in it, even after some really fast dances. The trouble is that it really doesn’t look very good without the white shawl.

All that to say, as of two years ago I thought I would never have the opportunity to wear that outfit again. But then I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs about something completely different, (a young girl getting a super-hero costume) but it still solved my problem. Included in the EPBOT post was a link to somewhere that showed a different way of tying cloaks, capes, and other things with stringy-things that normally get tied around necks with two pieces. (Not neck-ties. These are things that an average girl might encounter.)

Basically, you take the two ends of the tie-parts. Instead of tying them around your neck, pull them under your arms, and tie it behind your back. To make it a bit tighter, I added a second tie. So I ended up double-tying my shawl behind my back, which made it a nice snug fit. It also looked pretty sharp! (I unfortunately don’t have any pictures here, but it worked.)

It stayed on the entire time, even with a couple polkas, some fairly fast waltzes, and a swing or two. It was really fun! And I’m so happy to be able to wear that outfit again!

Happy Monday!


I’m not in CA anymore…

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Hello, Fluffsters. Happy Sunday!

I think I’m not in California anymore… I went out to a restaurant with some friends, and this was what the menu looked like.

A menu with fried pickles as an option.


The top entry was what really caught my attention and made me realize I was no longer there…

Have a great week!

Important things in life

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Saturday!

So, I have a funny story from yesterday.

As frequently happens, I was getting dinner from the place I’ve taken a lot of pictures in. It’s an interesting buffet, and they have free coffee.

I was getting my coffee, in fact, when I saw a group of friends who were going to eat with me and some other friends come in. I was not entirely looking at the floor when I went over to indicate to my friends where to find the table. I therefore didn’t notice the small amount of slippery stuff on the floor.

I slipped, and, yes, fell on my way to saying hi to my friends. I may have slightly bruised a knee, and I definitely got my skirt a bit dirty. But that doesn’t matter, because it was an epic save of the coffee! My mug only lowered in level by about half an inch, because it slightly sloshed as I was not overly graceful about my rockstar slide onto my knees.

I mourn the loss of the coffee that ended up on the floor, but I am still very pleased to have held onto my mug the entire time, and to have saved it from a fate worse than being consumed.

And yes, I did eventually run into my friends, and they found where the group of us were sitting.

Happy Saturday!

Easy Snowflake Pattern 1

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Thursday!

There’s a winter dance that I’m going to on Saturday, and I’m going to be helping to DECORATE! What does this mean, you ask?

Actually… they didn’t.

Shush. They might have!

But as I was saying. This means that I am crocheting SNOWFLAKES! I’m also making some for random Christmas present-y type things. (What can I say? I have a lot of friends, and it’s a thoughtful gesture. And not fairly inexpensive!)

This also means that I currently have a LOT of new patterns that I’m developing, and they’re all so much easier than they look! All of my patterns, right now, are taking 2 rows.

Here’s the first pattern:

a finished snowflake, and a crocheted one in progress.

A finished one, and one that I’m working on

So, that’s sort of what they look like. The big one was a bit over 4 inches across. But I’m guessing you’re wanting to know how to make it, if you’re reading this far. So, here’s

Easy Snowflake Pattern 1

(Note: I’m assuming you already know how to crochet. If not, sorry! Also, this is probably the most complicated of the ones I’ve done… I’m not entirely sure why I decided to go with this one as the first pattern… Huh.)

1: Chain 7. Slip stitch together to form a loop.

2: This part is a bit trickier. Chain 4. Chain 4 more. Join at the 4th chain from the hook to form a smaller loop. (This is basically just a 4-stitch picot stitch, instead of a 3 stitch one.) Chain 3. *Single crochet in loop. Chain 3, chain 3 more to form a picot, chain 3. Repeat from * 4 more times. On the last time, slip stitch into the 2nd original chain. You should get 6 little “petal” type shapes. (Look at the smaller image for a reference, if you need it.)

3: Slip stitch in the first petal towards the first picot loop 3 times. (The point is to get to the first little loop without distorting the center crystalline structure) Then, *single crochet into the picot stitch, chain 3, do a 4-stitch picot stitch, then 2 3-stitch picots into the same loop.

(Look at the image if you need a reference. You’re going to end up with 3 little loopy things at the end of the snowflake. The bigger snowflake demonstrates this a lot better.)

Then, chain 3, single crochet into the first picot you single-crocheted in. This forms the “tall” part of your snowflake’s crystalline structure.

Now you’re going to bridge the gap between your first row’s “petals.” Here’s how: Chain 3, picot, chain 3 more.

Repeat from * until you get to where you started.

So just to recap, once you crochet to a picot stitch in your first row, you’re going to:

  • Single crochet in the picot stitch.
  • Chain 3.
  • Create your set of 3 loops. (3 sets of chain-3 loops into a single chain.)
  • Chain 3 more, single crochet into the original picot stitch from the first row.
  • Chain 3
  • Picot
  • Chain 3, and suddenly you’re to the next picot in a “petal.”

When you get to the last one, slip stitch into the first single crochet you made in the second row. Fasten off. (I like leaving some tail so that the snowflake can be hung up.)

Happy crocheting!

My Support Group

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Hello, Fluffsters!

This week up through today has been really intense. You see, today I have ALL THE THINGS due. If it can be due, or if I can be getting it today, it’s due or I’m getting it today.

That being said, I’m actually doing pretty well! I have a wonderfully supportive community, and it’s great.

I’m not sure if this subset of my support group has had any impact or not, but I’m sure it hasn’t hurt.

A group of rubber ducks, scissors, silly putty, and a diet beverage.

A “Support group”.

Huh. It appears that Pip & Squeak have photobombed this picture, too.

I hope you have an excellent Wednesday!

Sittin’ on Top of the World (part 2)

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Remember how about a week ago I shared some pictures I took while flying?

Well, I got some more. This time, we flew over the ocean as we were taking off, and then over land during the middle of the morning. I love the way the pictures turned out, and I hope you do, too!

An island in the middle of the ocean early morning

It’s an island!

Sunrise over the ocean


A picture of the shore line

I love the shore-line.

A sea of clouds

Don’t you just want to go swimming in this sea of clouds?

A panorama view of the ground, taken from an airplane

A view of the land

Weird Christmas Music I Heard Yesterday

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Monday!

Yesterday, I heard one of the weirdest pieces of Christmas music. Ever.

Rather, the weirdest version of a Christmas song I’ve heard in a very long time. It was a version of “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.”

Now, I understand what this song’s about. The kid sees his mom kissing his dad, but the dad’s dressed up as Santa without the kid realizing this.

The version that I heard made it very clear that the kid had no idea what was going on. He had a mournful, naive tone to his voice. But what made it really bad was the chorus. There was a slow, fairly mournful chorus of older-sounding folks singing backup. The combined effect made the song seem a bit like a funeral dirge.

As I said, weirdest variation on a Christmas song that I’ve heard. At least as far as I can recall.

Well, have a great week!