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“My Name Is Cow” Poem

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So, yesterday, I was just introduced to a Poem Sensation that started in January. It’s called “My Name Is Cow.”

The poem originated on Reddit, in response to a response to someone asking health inspectors what the worst health-code violation was. Apparently, there was one person whose relative had an old 18th century style castle restauranty thing, and while the health inspector was there, a cow somehow got loose and started licking the bread.

A poem was written in celebration of this glorious event.

I’ve included screenshots, of both the original post and the poem.


Original post and poem.

Perks of living in a castle…?

My name is cow poem.

“I lik the bred”

Because Valentine’s Day calls for Poetry and Music

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rather than a Valentine, I thought I’d share a celebrity reading poetry, and my current favorite love song.

So, yep.

Here you go! I hope you have a great one!

A Rather Droll Limerick by Neil Gaiman

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Greetings, readers!

I was randomly wandering, and encountered a rather droll limerick by Neil Gaiman. It can be found on a page about support for some sort of endeavor; I have not explored what the purpose is.

The reason I am posting is because of the illustration on the page. Do check it out!

Coffee is Good

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Hello, Fluffsters!

I’m afraid I’m not the most coherent right now- I’m dealing with a nasty cold and sinus issues, and I don’t have easy access to filtered water with which to make coffee.

If you’re having trouble with the post, you could always let me write it…

And end up with another fluffy porcupine incident? No, thank you.

Instead, I think I’ll write about coffee.

Coffee is brown
It tastes oh so good
It’s quite a pity
It’s not a health food.

Coffee with cream
is very delightful
With it inside me
I am quite insightful.

That may have been worse than your “Bee” poem.

I gave you a heads’ up ahead of time, so I will not apologize.

Happy Sunday!

Poetry Analysis: The Guy in the Glass

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Greetings, Readers! I wish you a joyous Monday.

I recently came across a poem that is apparently quite popular at chapel / meaningful events. I can somewhat see why, but I think it’s a little undeserved.

The poem is called “Guy in the Glass” or “Man in the Glass“.

Oh, that one! yes, my chapel speaker used that one yesterday.

Yes. As I said, it seems to be a popular piece for “meaningful” events.

This seems to have all the requirements for such an event. After all, it has:

1) An “inspirational” moral message. Don’t look to others for approval. You need to be able to look yourself in the eye. This is a plausible message. For, when you consider it, not all in the world understand precisely what you have done. Only you know your innermost secrets, and so therefore only you can truly know whether you are worthy of looking at yourself in the eye.

2) Predictable rhymes. The first “end word” is self. You can guess that it’s going to rhyme with “yourself.” More predictably, the second “end word” is “day.” It’s a safe bet that the last line will end with “say.” “Wife” rhymes with “life”, “guy” with “eye”, and on. This makes it easier for people to read aloud at inspirational events, and therefore helps the flow of the speech continue smoothly.

Those are the two basic requirements for an “inspirational speech poem” that I’ve come across.

How about you, readers? Can you think of any that belong on the list and are not here? Are they ones that “Guy in the Glass” meets? Or do they actually break the “Guy in the Glass” as inspirational poem deal?

Comfort in a Storm

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Greetings, Readers! Or Fluffsters, as I guess we are calling you now.

Yes!!! I’ve gotten something to stick!!

Maybe that’s why you’re called “webmaster”?

But I digress.

Since this blog is supposed to be talking about Comfort for each day, and today I’m filling in.

Today’s topic of comfort is both night-time rituals, and storminess. Where I’m from, some magicians have special affinities. One family of wizards in particular has gone down in history: The Storm Mages. I don’t know if they really existed or not, but their story has been preserved in some of the plays we did.

One of the scenes involved a dramatic face off between them and all their enemies! There’s a really tender moment, because the heroes have just had their first child. And just a couple days later, the other wizards gathered to try to fight. And so the family must raise a storm for defenses. As the storm is being raised, the mother sings to the new child the Stormbringer’s Song. It’s really haunting, when sung well!

Here’s a segment of:

The Stormbringer’s Song

Oh lay down my child in the wings of the night
And pay thee no heed to the storm.
Although there are enemies coming to fight
You’ll stay in this bed safe and warm.

The thunder will lull you to sleep, oh my Dear,
For it is designed to protect,
As I have designed to stave off all fear,
For it will all evil deflect.

Oh lay down my child in the wings of the night
And pay thee no heed to the storm.
Although there are enemies coming to fight
You’ll stay in this bed safe and warm.

The rain and the hail will not harm thee, my child,
As long as thou art in this bed.
The water will keep out the things that are wild,
So safe in these walls, rest thy head.

Oh lay down my child in the wings of the night
And pay thee no heed to the storm.
Although there are enemies coming to fight
You’ll stay in this squall safe and warm.

And then, of course, because my family grew up knowing this one, my mother would sing this one to us when a fierce storm was out there. It’s sort of comforting thinking that the storm is necessary for protection, and living with the notion that it’s harmless to you. That fantasy is fairly comforting.

Anyways, Fluffsters, happy Friday! What do you do to gain comfort in a storm?

Spring is Here! (Mostly)

Hello, everyone! Happy Sunday!

Where I am, the weather outside is absolutely gorgeous. Right now, it’s about mid-50s, and we actually have a bit of SUN!

You seem surprised about the sun…

Well, yeah. It’s not quite usual. Two of the jokes about the weather where I am are:

1) Drive north from (City A) for an hour, then take a right. When you reach the rain, you’re there.

2) Yeah, we get 300 days of sun! Over the course of a decade…

So I’m very happy to see the sunlight. It’s pretty. And bright. And sunny.

The sunlight’s sunny? You don’t say…

But I do!

In fact, it seems like spring. And spring always brings to mind one of the earliest poems my mother ever taught me…

Oh, no. Not more poetry…

Yup! I have no clue who it’s by, but here it is:


Spring has sprung,
The grass is ris.
I wonder where
the birdies is?

And this was one of the first “poems” you memorized?


That explains a lot…


Yes. Like your bee thing, and how you could possibly even consider calling it poetry.


Anyways, happy Sunday!

Happy Pi Day!

From what I can tell, today is a very special day in certain communities. Apparently, it is “pi” day.

Ooh, it’s pi day already?

You actually know about this holiday?

Of course! It’s 3/14. Like “Pi”, one of the favoritist Greek letters of mathematicians! Stands for 3.1415926…

In fact, I composed a couple of poems about it.

That sounds… really scary.

What? It’s fun! In my first one, the number of words in the line maps to the digits of pi. In the second, the number of syllables does.

Want to read them?


Well, you’re going to anyways.

“Pi”em 1

Pie. How delicious.
Not the edible kind?
What, then, do you mean?
Are you sure you’re not in error about this?
Quite sure?
Well, what kind of pie, then?
The mathematical type of “pi”?
That sounds fun.
Maybe even poem worthy. Wait…
Isn’t that what I have done with this structure?

“Pi”em 2

Pie is good.
Even math’s pi.
You can make poems!
The syllables map to pi’s digits.
Isn’t that sort of cool?

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Do you really want me to answer that?

Anyways, readers, are you doing anything special for Pi day?

Selections from the Ballad of Blood-Berringer

Hello, everyone!

As I’m sure you remember from yesterday, the Webmaster challenged me to write a blog post with more words than what she has been using the past several Daily Fluffs.

Because of this, I am going to share a little bit about my life back home. As I mentioned previously, I was a melodramatic actress, born and raised into a family of the finest actors and actresses in the world.

Actually, now that I stop to think about it, every sane person said so.

Really? I find that hard to believe.

No, it’s true! Any critic who said otherwise was quickly found to be insane. And they usually stopped writing shortly after that.
What? How did you arrange that?

Why do you expect me to know why they’d suddenly lose interest in writing? I know nothing worthy of a blog post!

But anyways.

Before I was sidetracked, I was talking a bit about my childhood. I was always raised on the classics, such as The Ballad of Blood-Berringer. Much to my surprise, this world doesn’t have any versions of it on the web! So today, my dear readers, you may count yourselves among the blessed! I am going to share some selections from The Ballad of Blood-Berringer, possibly one of the oldest stories from my world!


The Ballad of Blood-Berringer

Blood-Berringer the Bold and Brave
Sought Fallidyne the Fair
Who’d been abducted by a knave
Who loved her golden hair.

How did he so abduct the maid?
Ah, that we’d like to know.
The story’s writ’ on scrolls of jade,
And that great tale we’ll show.

The Knave Ralfickger loved her hair
As mentioned previously,
And so made plans to woo her there
In that land by the sea.

This is where me and my family would usually come out onstage, and start acting out the parts that were to be read aloud. Needless to say, I usually played Fallidyne the Fair. It fit me.

Conceited much?

Very funny. Just because I’m already significantly above your word-count, and wouldn’t need to include more selections to win the challenge?

Anyways. I loved the tale. It goes on. My favorite part happens shortly after, when, oh, but I don’t want to ruin it for you…

So Ralfickger traversed the land
Until he found her lair,
And asked her father for her hand,
While at her hair he stared.

Wait, did you seriously just try to rhyme “lair” with stared

…Um, it’s a translation? Anyways, the part where I faint on stage is coming up. That’s Important Webmaster! I need to share it! Never mind things like rhymes!

Fine, do what you want. Your “daily fluff”, after all…

Thank you. You’re too generous. Now as I was quoting…

“I love Fallidyne’s hair so gold
Now let her be my wife!
If she’s not mine by morning cold
I promise endless strife!”

Fair Fallidyne knew she would die
If she were made his mate,
And so she on the floor did lie
For she had become faint.

“Oh please, just take my hair!” said she.
“For ‘tis not worth my life!”
“But ‘tis not fair when not with thee,
So I’ll take thee to wife!”

And with a mighty lunge or two
Ralfickger kidnapped her
And dashed out of the hall and through
The doors; ‘twas just a blur!

It goes on from there, and is definitely one of the most beloved tales back home. Anyone who says otherwise is plainly insane.

And then they quickly stop writing afterwards?

Of course not! They’re just plainly insane! Webmaster, you don’t honestly think that all insane people who dislike stories lose their love of writing, do you?

Honestly, it’s only the ones who don’t like our versions of the performances who decided it wasn’t worth writing anymore.

I… see. Well. Anywho. Moving on…

Of course.

Anyways, as I was saying, that was definitely one of the most popular stories back home. It’s a fantastic tale of abductions, knights, knaves, and more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this section! I hope to eventually translate the entire thing into this language, and then upload it into this site. It will be glorious!

And anyone who says otherwise is plainly insane?


Anyways, thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.