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5 ways to defeat boredom

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Yesterday’s post was… interesting, wasn’t it?

Anyways, Today I’m going to try to rectify the situation.

Some ways to relieve boredom

1) Plot to take over a world. Not necessarily this world, of course. That would be bad. Probably. But plot to take over a world. I hear there’s nobody on Neptune, yet!

2) Write about a world you could take over. And then find some way to teleport yourself into the story, as Dictator of the World. Then you could really take over the world! And you never hear of any world dictators complaining of boredom, do you?

Uh… Does any world actually have a world dictator?

I’m sure there’s one somewhere. But moving on.

3) Learn woodworking. Create a musical desk.

I mean, isn’t that just fantastic? How can you possibly be bored when making something like that?

4) Waste too much time on YouTube. On the other hand, if you’re bored, I guess you’re not really wasting too much time.

5) Read a good book.  Not on “advanced empirical methods for statistical studies on the eating habits of the fruit-fly.” (whatever that would even be.) No, instead I’d read something like The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Well, there you go! Five ways to defeat boredom!

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend.

Earrings can be expensive.

Hello, readers! Today’s fluff of the day talks a bit about money, and how to spend it. Or how other people have or will spend theirs. I hope you’re bored, because there really isn’t much point to this.

Isn’t that what fluff is?

Someday, Fluffy, you’re not actually going to make annoying comments when I’m trying to write something.

Quite right. Some day, you’ll come around to my way of thinking and realize that I’m not the annoying one on this site.

Very funny. Not.

Anyways, just a heads up: All links go off-site.

Did you know that earrings can cost as much as Oscar Wilde’s house? I’m not making this up. Apparently, a bit more than a week ago, some $1.8 MILLION earrings made the news.  And I thought 60-Euro gold-plated staples were expensive!